KB - Back To The Front

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Kingbastard told me once how he would have loved his music to be animated in a sort of style like David Firth's. I didn't really want to be unoriginal and do complete Fat-Pie rip-off, so I decided I'd try something new and came up with this weird video. As you may notice, this was made using only black and white colors. It's been in the making faaar too long, which was very unnecessary. But hey, atleast it is finished now!
End 2005: I started working on this project. Not being home a lot I couldn't spend much time on it. I stopped working on it for a long time somewhere in 2006. The parts I animated in this period of time were from the beginning up to the trafficjam.

Early 2007: I got back to work on it but stopped the production quite soon. I animated from the trafficjam up to the part where he's about to get out of the car.

Early 2008: You can clearly see that I've gotten better at this point. I animated from the part where he gets out of the car, up to the part where he stops climbing. I would have finished it this year if I hadn't lost my flash when my computer crashed.

Early 2009: Happy news; an online friend happened to have the latest shockwave file of my flash. I continued from the part where he started running. All the way up to the end. This flash has taken waaaay too long to make. It's ridiculous! I could have gone through the trouble to revise my earlier work on this animation but I just love how you can see my animationskills improve over all of those years.

Extra thanks go out to Cyberdevil, he sent me a whole bunch of old Kingbastard songs some months ago =D



pretty awesome men keep doing things

Whirlguy responds:

I will (:

Great Stuff!

Course I am biased because you used my song, but it's a really good animation nonetheless.
I only wish it would get some more attention for you after all the hiccups along the way to getting this finished:)

Quality 5/5

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Whirlguy responds:

I can think of countless reasons for the low(well yeah, kinda) score, not naming them all here, hehe. It's been a pleasure to animate to your song, I might just do it again. Thanks for reviewing (:

really cool man

hey five iron said this was a really goo vid so I came to check it out and I was amazed. It takes dedication to do somthing like this and I'm sure everyone got there own message out of this mine was freedom. freedom to do what you want it's actualy very rare that people send a message through there videos it's a beutiful thing when someone can turn thoughts into artwork

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Whirlguy responds:

Ha, glad you liked it so much! I'm very happy to see people finding their own meaning in this video :)


I liked it! The ending just ties it all together so well that I felt obliged to watch it several times before writing this. Keep up the good work you great person you! Way to hang in there through all those years! Sometimes it just takes time to finish one project.

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Whirlguy responds:

Haha thanks man, I like hearing that. Love your KB videos (:


The look and feel of it matches the mood of the whole movie!
Wonderful submission!

Whirlguy responds:

I achieved my goal :3

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May 10, 2009
5:07 PM EDT
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