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Maximum Band ep6 GOOD

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Yes, yes, yes, I know what you're going to say, 'If this is the GOOD one, then what's the BAD one like?' Well I'm going to upload episode 6 BAD next week. It's all part of the divergent storyline. Those who get the GOOD ep go to stage 2, those who get that BAD ep do not go to stage 2. But first I'm going to get all my friends to weigh in there and give me the big 10 points with ecstatic reviews. Noooo, I won't do that, cus that'd be a SAD & BAD thing to do in this level playing field, wouldn't it? Besides, I don't have any friends. And remember kids, you're interacting with the characters, not the keyboard.

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I really liked this :D

It was funny, with some wacky humour like the record woman going after tha black-haired guy lol.
Some of the best voice acting Ive heard on Newgrounds in while as well! Possibly a subtitles option could be implemented, just in case? Maybe there was one, and i just didnt encounter it, but still (:

Really enjoyed this Flash, I look forward to seeing what you come up with next :D


I remember seeing the other toon for this a week or so back. This one seems differnet but it's still funny in a wacky offbeat kinda way. Great toon design whatever it is.

Quite good.

This was quite a good interactive movie.but i think you should have catergorized it as a Flash movie rather than a game.anyway,the animation was pretty good,although it was quite laggy at times,and the voice acting was very good.art work was also very good.


Standubonnet responds:

Yes, that's a fair point, it is interactive, but perhaps it fits better in to the animation section. I've avoided preloaders, and inserted the vo files separately, so there might be a slight lag, but I hate preloaders.


could do with a few more options

good animation