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Ultimate Tactics

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**************** Be sure it says v1.5 on the title screen to ensure you are playing the latest version ****************

After the huge response from the Ultimate Defense series, I have decided to take it one step further and create a strategy RPG spin off.

You begin the game as Kronus, a young aspiring knight, who is asked to aid his grandfather in getting rid of some critters that appeared in his yard. Choose your missions and travel through the land unlocking hidden treasures, engaging in battles, visiting cities, and looking for new recruits to join your party. Good luck on your quest!

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Awesome game THX MAKEING THIS :)

I enjoyed this game, but I think it was a bit too much. There shouldn't have been so much things to do on each turn. It seemed easy to have to choose the direction you were going. It's still a decent game. The strongest points are probably the graphics. It really does come to life here.

I appreciate how there are such fine details. It can just take too long. I had no idea these guys would be that strong. You have good variety with the enemies and environment. I can at least see why this is popular.

Great tactics game. Fun and not too slow. I like the lockpicks and the missions and the characters. Looks like some sprites ripped for Ogre Battle. The only thing missing is an undo options for movement in case I screw up. Good job.

I like it allot, the battle graphics are really good, the mechanics not too dry, allot of effort has been placed into this game,

I always find it annoying how long it takes to move in tactical games, Id love to see a chess mode.

I can`t beat the last level!