Wanna fuck a dog

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Dude seriously....

you have to stop being lazy in the middle of your flash, I rated this a little because you just stop and gave up, and you were too lazy to do anything animation, seriously, you have to stop. The only reason why I gave you a 3 is because I love the song, it's just to funny and random. But next time, don't be lazy in your animation.


I know that it may have taken a few days for you to make this. Maybe even a week. But, still, I think that this video is just creepy and deserves to be blammed. The animation quality was terrible, and the song was too. Besides, it was not very nice to say that Guywhoisawesome's life is pointless. You know, the guy beneath me? I think you need to make better videos, preferably ones that we can enjoy. It doesn't even need to be a music video. It can be creepy. Just please, do something besides this.

funny stuff

learn action script ;)

Your art aint bad, or animation. Add colour!


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Needs a lot of work

The animation is very half-assed. Just like the song you're using for the BG music. Though it fits the idea behind how the music is; it doesn't deserve much of a high rating.

One, because this has been done 1,000,000's of times

and two, because you didn't even finish it before posting it! Come on, dude, finish your work! You wont get anywhere posting unfinished stuff unless you disguise it as a preview! Be saavy!

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not bad

the songs by blink 182 :) animation wasnt badly done could use soem work though

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May 9, 2009
5:20 AM EDT
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