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All new stuff, brought to you buy stone and terkoiz. These animations were never completed simply for the fact that we never wanted to end the fun.

Cameo appearance by Flux.

Animatoin by Travis Steven ( stone )

and Phillips Lacanlale ( terkoiz ).

We'll miss you terkoiz!


About as good as stick animation getsW/Ostoryline.

This gets my 4 for: excellence in stick fight construction and superb, almost cinematic connection to the music plus superb background construction/destruction, but lacks connection or storyline of the castle series.

The thing that stops me from giving this a full 5 stars is that there's no storyline or feeling of connection with the characters like there is in castle, but the animation is perfect and it obviously fulfils its purpose fully. There's never a dull moment as you watch people kicking the complete turd out of each other with various mean-shaped implements of death in some of the most awesome 2D backgrounds I've ever seen (kudos to who designed the cave). There's no clear winner though (not necessarily a bad thing) so these guys seem to be going through an over-enthusiastic sparring match rather than actually fighting. Excellent music video style which fits the action seamlessly (its that which makes this unique and interesting enough to give a 4 as opposed to the usual 3 I give out for outstanding graphics with little new material to actually contribute to the flash artstyle. The music video style is of better quality than anything I've ever seen on newgrounds, this is now an example of how stick fighting should be done.)

My suggestions for how to make it better? That looked almost deceptively like an intro, especially at the end where the green and brown dudes walked off at the end. If you really want my 5, keep the awesome fighting and give it a storyline, and make this the intro. You could make something worthy of Castle, the greatest stick story on newgrounds, if only you got your pens out and started writing a story to use all these awesome stick characters to their full potential for kickass!

Nonetheless, despite not quite getting full marks well done. This is still an exceptional piece of stick animation, and its possible that after Castle repercussions I'm spoilt for a good story. You get the highest 4 for excellent drawing and music going together to make a perfect fighting video, you just miss out on the 5 for lack of context or story. It doesn't have to be a long elaborate story, just give us an excuse for seeing sticks chop each other up (not that most people need that excuse.)

Hope I don't come across as too harsh, I did give this a 4 and its my job to criticise stuff in reviews you know!


I enjoyed the first one most of all but after a while it just wasn't as great as it seemed it should have been. At the end the slow motion got a little pointless but man that hand thing from the start fell in sync perfectly with the song i was shocked...


probably one of the best stickmen fight flashs on newgrounds. if you want to know what is bad about it that would probably be the ugly faces, how the sound messes up on the slide fight, and how you don't get to see the entire fight for each one.

Stick figures fighting?

The animation is excellent, but at the end of the day it's just stick figures fighting.
I guess I "just don't get it" - Good work though. Nice collaboration.

Aspect correction

You need to do it. But the animation and music was good.

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4.39 / 5.00

May 9, 2009
1:49 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature May 10, 2009