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Joe's Quest 2

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more levels, more cutscenes and overall more fun! Also an extra short music video! and the final boss from the first game!

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This gets my 2 for: passable but bland, ridiculously easy gaming and poor story.

I swear to review 5 new submissions every time I'm on newgrounds seeing as thats how we police what goes through the portal and what gets sent back to boot camp. This is passable. The storyline is poor and it's way too easy but as far as I'm concerned if it burns up a few minutes and doesn't make me want to kill myself because reaching for the close button would take longer its passable. Improvements? You need to work on your storyline, and make the levels harder. Much harder. and the game longer. You'll need to work harder to get a three, or even a 5 star 2. But I'll let it through. You have my vote.

Castle went from sheer mediocrity to being the best stick story ever told. Lets see if you can pull the same with smiley faces.


i thought this would suck, but i was wrong! and im happy! (oh man that wsa. funs on this)
and i liked it. parts, games, levels, and stuff.. pretty cool. also it was good that you could save your progress, pretty cool (i got frustrated when i lost and had to go again, but at least it was saved on the third level.)
and yes, cut scenes, where foolishly wierd, man..

but it was cool. i liked it, could you envolve the charcaters more?
or also add a fighting part versus that smiley?
and also i suggest you do some bigger buttons (so you click on the play button instead of a small area) and stuff. also you could make the characters get a backstory. but it was nice very nice for a new movis