The Fortside

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Nobody was ready when they came.
Such a silly and self-confident people... We always thought that we are the only ones in the Universe We couldn't even think about being defeated. But it was too late. They have destroyed a big cities in a few hours, continuing to eliminate the entire human race. The Fortside - it's our last hope. Elite marines with unique defense buildings can stay against their army. And you will lead us to victory!



Nice game here, could use more concepts though,

mmmmmmman oooh man

it was pretty good I dont usialy play these kind of games

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The Good:

-It was fairly addictive.

-It was fairly long, but not too long.

-The graphics were nice.

-The music was good.

The Bad:

-It was really easy to glitch the game to where you went into debt, and basically had an unlimited fund so long as you stayed negative.

-A lot of grammatical errors.

-Not very many towers.

-No real variety in enemies.

-The beginning was fairly hard.

-Missle towers were WAY overpowered.

-Got fairly repetitive.


Graphically it was good, but the concept itself is a little used up. I give it an 8 based on the fact that it looked and ran smooth.

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Just two gripes

Was a fun game, but needs a bit more variety. Just three turrets gets a little monotonus.

Also, you might want to consider making the turret bullets instant hit. I noticed that some of the fast enemies were able to actually 'dodge' the bullets. Its a tiny bit annoying when fast enemies get through weak defences on games like this, but when they can dodge damage, it does become frustrating sometimes.

Otherwise, it was a good fun game with nice art and music.

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3.51 / 5.00

May 8, 2009
12:27 PM EDT
Strategy - Tower Defense