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The Fortside

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Author Comments

Nobody was ready when they came.
Such a silly and self-confident people... We always thought that we are the only ones in the Universe We couldn't even think about being defeated. But it was too late. They have destroyed a big cities in a few hours, continuing to eliminate the entire human race. The Fortside - it's our last hope. Elite marines with unique defense buildings can stay against their army. And you will lead us to victory!

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The Good:

-It was fairly addictive.

-It was fairly long, but not too long.

-The graphics were nice.

-The music was good.

The Bad:

-It was really easy to glitch the game to where you went into debt, and basically had an unlimited fund so long as you stayed negative.

-A lot of grammatical errors.

-Not very many towers.

-No real variety in enemies.

-The beginning was fairly hard.

-Missle towers were WAY overpowered.

-Got fairly repetitive.


Can't remove towers,(?) gets old pretty quick, good graphics, music, and sound effects though. Also the amount of spelling/grammar errors was painful, and you didnt change the author comments of this and the foyle. Good job.

mmmmmmman oooh man

it was pretty good I dont usialy play these kind of games

Kool Beans!

Great Games, Maybe a little too tricky. Something I noticed was that the mid lvl and high lvl turrets both supposedly deal 5dmg, but the mid lvl kills in one hit what the high lvl cant even hurt, Does this make any sense? Anyway thanx for the game, I hope to see a sequel with more options for towers :-)

Nice Game


- Include the ability to mute music and sounds separately, instead of both of them at once.

- It's a bit difficult, as you really have to have lots of towers to fend off those faster moving enemies.

- When the game is paused, the "Pause" button text should change to "Unpause", "resume" or something like that.

- For towers that you cannot yet afford, you should still indicate how much money is needed.

- Regarding the upgrades UI, same deal; display the prices for those you cannot yet afford. Also, allow the players to see the descriptions, regardless if they have the upgrades or not, even if they can't yet afford them.

On the title screen
- The transitions are a bit glitchy. Try clicking on the same option multiple times before the transition ends to see what I mean. (-:

- Graphics look nice. Some of it reminds me of the free artwork given out from Lostgarden.com, but I could be wrong. (-:

- Audio quality is fine. Music is nice and subtle.

- You should include some target that you are trying to defend, rather than simply putting the end of the road. Making the enemies self-destruct at the end of the road while the player gets penalized for it makes no sense.


In the tutorial:

Page 2
- "Your" is misspelled. You have "You'r".
- Change the s3entence to "Don't let enemies reah the end of the road!"

Page 3
- Change the first part of the sentence to "At the end of each level, ".

Page 4
- Remove the comma from "control buttons, that"

Page 5
- Change the part of the sentence to ""Brings you constant increasing amount of money"

Page 6
- Change "have" to "has", in "The Third tower 'has'".

Page 8
- Change "if you shure" to "if you're sure", or "if you are sure".

- Change "how much enemies" to "how many enemies". You use "much" to denote a measurement, and "many" to denote a quantity, and you're specifying a quantity of enemies here, so you would write "many".

- In the following sentence, change "fail" to "failure".

- "It shows you whenever all the enemies are on the field."

Not much on originality. The fact that it's another defense game is not the issue here, but I don't see much that makes it stand out from all the other defense games of this type out there.

Good skill and congrats on getting it on Arcadebomb! (-:

- Ziro out.