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Monkey Mines

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Hey NewGrounds! Hope you like my latest game, im pretty proud of this one, i hope you guys like it too :) Let me know what you think, be it good or bad comments :P


08-05-09 - Added control and alt click to uncover a square, in addition to double click.

Description (full):

This game is a remake of the classic Minesweeper but with a few twists.
Firstly the board is isometic making for a trickier experience than the classic version.
Secondly the game employs realistic liquid like ripples adding to the excitement.


+ Double click to uncover square
+ Single click to place flag
+ Click again to place qmark
+ Click again to remove qmark
+ Control click to uncover square
+ Alt click to uncover square


Programming - Mike Cann (mike.cann@gmail.com)(www .mikecann.co.uk )
Art - Oliver Pitceathly (opitceathly@hotmail.com)

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This wasn't bad, but I couldn't quite understand the gameplay. I uncovered the mines and then what? It seems like the monkeys just stood there. I really want to watch that Monkey Kingdom movie. The graphics are great. It just doesn't seem very rewarding.

I got all the remaining mines, but I didn't advance. I thought you were supposed to move the monkeys. There must have been SOMETHING you could do with them. The music and sound effects are pretty good. The monkeys are still cute.

I like it

Oh the hours I wasted playing minesweeper on my old pc and the hours I'll probably waste on this remake, a competitive multiplayer version would be interesting.

So what's next? monkey solitaire :)

The artwork really makes this game stand out, but I know programmers never get credit so respect to you both...


... make the tiles bigger,
they were difficult to isolate sometimes.


Marvellous Monkey Madness

DARN THOSE CRAZY MONKEYS!! I really like this game, its a modern twist on minesweeper, makes me think back to my days at school using ancient windows 95 pc's , ahh the memories, anyway great game, very nice and quirky art, and the programming not bad either. A definite thumbs up from me.

Very nice

Aww cool game very fun and i love the art work it makes it an overall more enjoyble game, its fun and entertaining keep up the good work

i think its fine

Fun game make more soon