Yoyo vs FLLFFL

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Well after many weeks of hard work and emotions, I finally finished my first RHG (Rock Hard Gladiator) battle against the one and only, Terkoiz!

For those of you who don't know what RHG battles are... They are basically characters that you make up (my character being Yoyo) to battle other people's characters with animations! Whichever animation that is better will then win the battle!

Make your own sweet RHG character and battle many animators at www.fluidanims.com! :D

Hyun: Yoyo (sonic yoyo)
Terkoiz: FLLFFL (jet sword)


oh whoopee

Sticks, fighting, with no real backstory, playing with eachother in a coy manner. Boy, deja-vu!

Okay, you're VERY good at animating shorts involving sticks fighting with supercharged weapons and powers. But then, so is a gigantic community who submit pretty much the exact same thing, day after day, in a slightly different scenario with slightly different characters and slightly different weapons. The sticks all talk the same, act the same, play out every step of their miserable placeholder lives the same. The only thing that gets this on the frontpage is raw skill, but that's a very small saving grace in this case.

It's high-quality batter in a very old mould and people wouldn't mind seeing some different and exciting templates.

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Hyun1990 responds:

Stick figures have feelings too ._.
all you gotta do it beliEEeEEeeeve!!!

not too bad, not good either

while fighting with a yoyo is probably more original that fighting with a dagger or a spear or something, it still isn't terribly original or that interesting, mainly because there are real weapons in existence that can actually do the things depicted in this video that are actually realistic (well, not the explosive stuff). but whatever, i'm rambling.

this wasn't that good, just because it's really just another stick fight with a predictable outcome and too much power. and bad dialogue. and excessive, unwarranted popularity.

Ok I guess

It was a nice animation, very smooth and with cool visual effects.

But come on, I've been around NG for something like 6 years now and I have seen the exact same animation so many times ! Ok this one was displaying more skills than the average one, but there's still no real improvement. It's not really long, there is no storyline...

The yoyo idea was neat, but that doesn't make a movie.
I'm a bit disapointed by the NG crowd making that #1 when there are so much movies that are much better in every ways. Of course they are not stick fights so they're not as popular.

This is #1 in the portal?

I personally do not think it deserve that spot. This animation is well done and fantastic for being very combat oriented, but it lacks any plot and to be honest it is stick figure for christ sake. It is nothing new or revolutionary, does not deserve the number1 spot.

like 25 % of all stick fights ..

pretty smooth animation .. but still stick fight.. its different i give you that.

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May 8, 2009
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