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Space Avoider v0.1

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A very stupid-simple avoider game I made to practice some skills. Not great, but in good enough condition to submit (except for the graphics, which blow because i really can't draw). That being said, give it a try.



Found a werid glich with the music. each time i hit replay it would get a little louder
and after about the 6th time i hit replay it started to double loop on itself as well get
extremlly loud and somewhat anoying. overall not bad start. keep praticing it was fun time waster.

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Spiff responds:

I know what causes this and I'm going to fix it in a bit


Thank you my reflexes need to be sharpened ;-)

you kno.....

it wasn't all dat bad man, could have been better i though, but it was anok game man ;)

Good but one thing is messed up

when I got high score of 380 I left and voted but when I went back to see if I could beat my score I got high score of 200.

Fairly nice

It's a test, I know. So i'll go easy on you.

Graphics; Very subpar. Thick lines and no shading, little style and mis-use of gradients. Overuse of the same asteroid. Ugly outline for the whole flash :P Menu is kind of ugly too. The dots in the back give it a nice touch, though. :D

Sound- The music is funky. I like it, made me laugh. Altough may not go at all with the game style.

Interactivity- nice. A bit repetitive, perhaps adding some acceleration and de-acceleration to the ship. Different size rocks, etc. Ability to move around the whole screen.

Overall, nice game. But needs lots of improvement.

Cheers. :)

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1.54 / 5.00

May 7, 2009
10:28 PM EDT
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