Blueberry: Escape Chaos

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Whew. Lot's of work went into this game. I truly hope you enjoy it. It's been sitting on idle for about 5 months so I am super excited to release it to the public. The game is simple, shoot bubbles and take out your enemies. But there's some twists. You have a weapon called jam. Which does a variety of different things depending on the enemy it's used to attack. There's a significant amount of strategy involved to make it through all the levels successfully. Have fun and thanks a lot for playing.

Notes on the Game

- Large number of levels (apx 40)
- many enemies with multiple AI patterns
- 4 bosses
- grenades, vehicles, homing missles, and eh... black holes???
- 7 challenge levels that REALLY TEST your SKILLS
- Crazy Alternate Fire from Jam

Make sure you don't forget to use your JAM on each enemy. It can have some extremely beneficial results. Jam fires bullets back at the enemy so you need to place it wisely.

Default Controls (These can be changed via in game menu)

Arrow Keys - Move
A - Alternate Bubble Fire
D - Alternate Bubble Fire
S - Drop Jam (Use it to fire enemy weapons back at them)
W - Fire Bubble (Either DuraBubble or GlideBubble)

NOW Go play the game :D


this was great!

I thought this was a pretty creative game. I thought it would be a defense game because of the title. I don't really even know why. Anyway, it annoyed me at first how you could not aim properly to hit the enemy, but then I realized you could just jump up and hit him. I was a bit angry by the fact that you couldn't seem to see how close you were to killing an enemy, but I was wrong. When there's a puff of smoke, you're there.

It could have had more in terms of environment and level design, but still good. The graphics are really nice and everything moves pretty smoothly. I never would have thought bubbles would be a weapon used by a blueberry. Oh well, nonsensical is how I like things. The sound effects were good too.


I have to say in most aspects, this game is pretty amazing. One of the most styled flash games I've seen in years. Oozing sharp clean designs, great overall sound - from music to effects. I loved the blueberry's scared murmurs when approached. Control was smooth, and the physics were fun to play around with.
The menu's also gave everything a very professional feel and kudos for that - since a lot of flash designers seem to forget about decent UI's, though scoring was pretty vague, was it time induced? Health induced??
The biggest flaw I found design-wise had to be enemies, which seemed gray, lacking, boring and most of all not very intimidating.

But as others have said before me, all this shine to what avail?
I understand this game's your "baby" and it's hard to get criticized on a game you put as much effort into as seemingly into "Bluberry".
But I, and a few others who gave reviews below me, found the game a bit lacking gameplay wise.
You have this great engine, this great game mechanic in your hands and it seems all you found true to do with it was to make a sort of "battle" game, which is somewhat a shame considering the amazing potential the mechanics have as any kind of other genre of game.
The sheer potential of the thing was basically what was so disappointing with the final product.
Anyway, thanks for the game, and hope to see more from you soon!

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amPar responds:

Wow thanks a lot for the thorough review. It's not very hard to hear it criticized really. Actually I'm completely fine with it. I've knew for a while that it's not going to be a huge success because of the initial reception from sponsors. However, It's kind of a tribute to the first game I ever made and another, original, Blueberry game I made a few years back.

But I would love for you to elaborate on the potential of the game... where you think it could have went and what would make it better. With the engine already being made a sequel could be in the pipeline. The only thing keeping me from a sequel is the current response to this game.

So please if anybody thinks they could make this game better. I'm completely fine with the critique.

So nice and shiny

It's clear some serious time went into every nook and cranny of the presentation here. Though, I'm afraid not near as much was spent on the gameplay itself. I'd recommend finding the fun before polishing to a beautiful shine next time.

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amPar responds:

Thanks, Fun factor is an opinion. I personally enjoy the game. That's why I made it. I knew it wasn't everybody's cup of tea when I made it but oh well, wasn't going to stop me from making it.

Pretty Fun game

The game ran smoothly and the Jam was just fun to use.The upgrades were nice too.

I'm just wondering, when there are mini-tanks on the ground, how are you supposed to kill them? I thought you would need to place Jam, enemy shoots Jam, Jam falls on tank. But whenever an enemy shoots a Jam, the Jam hits the enemy (not the mini-tank). I tried it for four times (restarted when flying shooter explodes) and the enemy only fires like 2 bullets per seconds. =(

amPar responds:

Actually. It's really easy. Drop Jam on the enemy.

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3.72 / 5.00

May 7, 2009
4:33 PM EDT
Action - Other