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The Dr. Wily Show

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It's Dr. Wily's Happy Evil Fun Time Show, where the show is based around Wily's robots, see what the Robot Masters has to say about their master.

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Top man: I wanna be in the Indy 500!

Quick man: I wanna break the sound barrier!

Turbo man: I just wanna stay home and eat chips.

*Quick man and Top man glare at Turbo man*

Let's all just remember the laughs we had, and where it stared.
Thank you.

All of these are hilarious, but Bombman at the end with that maniacal laugh of his really takes the cake. LOL!


I laughed at the Robot Master (I don't know his name) who said Dr. Wily's spiky hair freaked him out, and then were afraid that Dr. Wily would see that on TV. XoD
Make more like this, it is funny! Bomb Man's laughter was funny too. Poor Guts Man is an idiot, lol.

Bombman's laugh is embedded in my brain, ever since childhood.
Ten years ago, holy poop. I'm sad that you never put anything else up on NG.
Still a great flash, along with Rockman Neo!