Ocean Coast Jigsaw Puzzle

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Put together a beautiful jigsaw puzzle, brought to you by Jigsaw-Puzzles-Free.com! Explore the ocean cost in 5 different difficulties!


A bit too easy/simplistic.

All the pieces are rotated the right way from the start. And (though I don't know exactly what elese to do about it) having them snap into position even at close range gives the player a slight advantage that they don't have when working with a real puzzle. It would be better if only pieces that actually went together snapped together when within very close proximity to their relative positioning needed to fit precisely. And then, have it so that you can double-click to move any sets of pieces you've already connected together to try and snap them into place with other sets or pieces you've already constructed. As it was, i completed one of the puzzles on normal in just over 60 seconds.

Moar images!

This game would be way better with more images. Other than that - it was OK.


this was amazing i want to ask u a few things on how to make some things...but really this was good! 5/5 10/10


Nothing New, The Pieces Were Abit Hard To Get Sometimes (unless you pick pop-up)
But Overall Just Like A Lot Of Jigsaw Games, Simple But Not For Me, But I Think For People Who Like This Kind Of Thing May Like It

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2.37 / 5.00

May 7, 2009
1:05 PM EDT
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