Air Assault

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So I released my 1 hour games a while ago to surprising success, but It left me wondering what I could do with more time and effort. This is the result. I hope you like it.

The premise of the game is to build turrets to defend from incoming attackers, however I think ive taken a fairly unique twist on it. Being that turrets can be put into auto and manual mode, as well as a few other unique things.

I took a no laziness approach to this game, if I thought something should be added in, or something made better, I did it. I could of finished it about a month earlier if I hadnt of done that, but I hope the end result makes it worthwhile

- 28 Achievements! (I was waiting for the NG medals to become available but its taken too damn long)
- 6 Campaign Levels
- 6 Different Turrets
- Survival Mode, how long can you last?
- Autosave feature with 3 Game Profiles

Control music and quality in the top right, and see how many achievements you can get! Submit to defence collection if your feeling nice :]

Also special thanks to my main man ActionSick helping me out with the graphics here and there


Not good enough!!!

Good try but I think you should have taken more time on this.


Slick up the graphics (though the missle smoke was great), put in some better sounds and music and this game's a sure frontpager.
I'd also change the missle shots into trajectory based shots instead of point based ones. I really hated it when missles just stopped at a certain point simply cus that's were I clicked.
Thanks for the game and hope to see more soon!

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Pretty good

Pretty good game. Wish there were more weapons though. The glitches do suck though.

gg, but glitches

I found this an overall fun kind of game, but it had a few glitches.
First: the black dots which made this missel's smoke trail would stay on the background, even from one campaign to another.
Second, and more importantly, sometimes when I sold a turret the space it had been on would stay dark green and I couldn't place another turret on the square.
Third: some of the turrets would freeze up and not move or fire.
Glitches aside, this is a nice basic defense game. Keep up the effort.


tried gettin past lvl 3 afta a while i think wen u beat level 3 it just freezes but still very good for a first game...

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3.55 / 5.00

May 7, 2009
12:51 PM EDT
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