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Hi All,

Last week I had the idea of creating an ubergame engine in AS3.0. now while i still have a lot of work on it. i made a small game 'pong' with it for you to enjoy. i discovered many flaws and weaknesses in my engine and i realize that i still have a lot of work. but the foundations are allready build. so the next game will be there soon.

anyway, enjoy the game and give some constructive criticism, i would really appreciate it and i will do my best to answer it.

Greets, Demian

CONTROLS: - move the mouse to control you paddle.

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Not Bad.
It made me feel a little dizzy after it went faster.
Made it to Lvl 26.

good game.

This game is very fun... although i think the original pong is better =P.
btw i made it too lvl 18

Good but . .

I love pong at the start it is really slow to start off but by the end i think to ball was so fast that it was pretty hard to keep up with

Something that could do with some work is that it is a bit glitchy and it would be a lot better is you used the arrow keys instead of the mouse

Other than that a good game overall

Wooks responds:

thx for the review, usefull tips too

I love pong...

But you really must multiply the ball speed by itself like 3 times.
IT TAKES FOREVER TO REACH THE PADDLE! Other than that, you should add some smooth movemen to the paddles.

Wooks responds:

Hey, thx! I love pong too.
i know the beginning is slow, but it should go way faster if you get to the higher levels.

A Problem.

First, Yes there is a preloader. But there is a problem with the frame rate, when the game starts it takes the ball about 15 seconds to go from the middle of the screen to the paddle. Well it did for me anyway.

Wooks responds:

15seconds? i know the beginning is slow, but 15 seconds? i think the problem is that the game is updated every frame, and your computer will probably be to slow to handle it properly. I guess my jo is to find something so the graphics aren't dependent on the speed of someones computer.
thx for the review.

Credits & Info

3.40 / 5.00

May 7, 2009
7:35 AM EDT

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