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Hey all, Rina-chan here! Because all good things come in trilogies, I felt it was finally time to come out with the last part of the "Brawl Taunts" series, done as a collab/contest involving a whole ton of animators! The Script and Audio were still written, casted and mixed by me, but the animation was done in segments by the artists listed, so thanks everyone for being involved! We decided to release it today, on the one-year anniversary of the very first Brawl Taunts! Hope you enjoy it :]



Only funny when it's referencing itself.

The only parts in this flash that I found entertaining at all were the parts where it referenced itself as being terrible, and referenced the target demographic as being whiny pre-teens. The funniest part was the bit where Slippy told Snake that it was all a conspiracy funded by Egoraptor, which I'll admit was pretty damn funny. The rest of it, however, was sub-par at best. Recycled jokes, a poorly placed Rickroll (even I've done one of those) the occasional repeated 4Chan meme, and lots of shoddy animation.

The fbf bits done by Kirbopher actually were pretty well animated, and the bit at the end with the fanmail was pretty good overall. However, the bulk of this animation seemed like filler material from past Brawl Taunts. To be honest, the Brawl Taunts parodies that came out less than an hour after this one, Brawl Funnies Dick 1 and Dick 2 were funnier, and in some instances better made.

I'm glad this is the last of these, because the series has already been milked enough. The first one was funny, the second one was alright, but this one is just sad. Kirbopher was right to not get too involved with it, although I think he should have stayed out completely for his own sake.

Good luck in the future, and I hope your next flashes, whether they're collaborations or solo efforts, are far better.

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I'll give you a 5

It was better than the Brawl Funnies Dick 1 & Dick 2...

5 is a fair score...accept it.

P.S. Making jokes about how all the jokes are cliche'd and dead isn't funny either. It's probably one notch above the terrible joke that you were poking fun at in the hierarchy of things.

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This is definetly an odd one out from the three

General / Animation
The animation styles I have to say were... sub par. I do like Callum's work squeezed into the mix, his style is very unique. :). Most of the other I don't really know about so I can't really say anything.

Music / Sound / Voices
Yep the the most memorable of brawl music used, in which ones can never forget about. Also good voice acting there, yet some of the lines were said so fast that you can't really keep up with them. O_O

This movie I have to say in honestly, is not as good as the previous ones, there are not that many jokes to point out anymore. However I was entertained with some scenes. Especially the easter egg scene, what happened there was unexpected from the two that are suppose to be lovable. XD Ok job
Rank/level of enlightenment/wish Level
Rank =06/10
level of enlightenment = 2.00/5.00
Verdict =Ok Job

Reviewed by ~Shadow Dinosaur D-I-N-O-S-A-U-R - ~

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Wonderful job.

I was a bit surprised to see another Brawl Taunt at this early in the morning, but my confusion was quickly replaced with laughter. Loved the whole experience. I enjoyed every segment, but the jigglypuff part was just plain hilarious, and had to be mentioned.

Thanks for putting the work involved in making another Brawl Taunts, everybody. :D

Listen. Please. For the love of god.

Brawl taunts stopped being funny when it was first thought up.
There's no point to it anymore.

Giving this series out as a collab was an interesting idea; which failed. You obviously have no sense of quality control, and gave into the shit-for-talent audience your flashes attract.
That just shows your fan-base I guess.

None of these jokes were remotely amusing, and it pains me to know this is probably going on the front page thanks to >9000 14 year old boys who still view these things.

Now for a note to the artists.

Its great to be a fan of something. Its great to support something; but honestly. Look at yourselves. Look at what you've made. This isn't even worth my time, but I watched it the whole way, HOPING beyond all hopes that one artist would shine.

One or two exceeded the rest of you in quality, and gave my nose a rest from all the un-amused facepalming.

So what if you don't like my review. It's the truth, and at one point or another, you're going to have to face that. Artists, one more note;
If you want your skills to grow. Challenge yourself. This showed next-to-no motivation in either quality or production. It all boiled down to a badly drawn slideshow half the time, all the while being backed up by lame joke after lame joke.

Let's be clear.

Gay jokes are not funny, 4chan memes (badly placed) are not funny, crude sex jokes are not funny.

Rina, honestly, you need to draw the line somewhere.

For the love of the general population. Stop.


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May 7, 2009
1:09 AM EDT
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