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Wordity is an arcade puzzle game where letters drop like classic Tetris blocks and form words to score points. Letters can be shifted across columns, dropped down quickly and also moved to a different color-set using the Up arrow. Color sets must match with each other to form a word and therefore allow for deeper strategic play. Players must beat the clock to achieve a target score and at the same time prevent the letters from reaching the ceiling. Each level also offers a special blank wild card key to form special words. The engine uses the official Scrabble dictionary and thus makes a great Scrabble trainer!


Needs some work

The gameplay is alright, and entertaining in its own way. Unfortunately, the screen size needs some work in a bad way. It's so warped that I wasn't able to skip the ad at the beginning, and the right and bottom side of the gamefield and list were cut off.

I thought maybe it was my monitor, but I haven't had this problem with other games on my checklist.

That gets in the way to the point of interfering with the gameplay. There's some nice effects that would be nice to be able to explore further, particularly the color feature in combination with word-hunting, but the size needs to be worked out.

I enjoyed it for a little while

There needs to be survival mode, and a couple other things to be added. some of the words don't work. The leveling system is kind of garbage too. I had about 1,000 points before I lost. It got boring and I stopped trying to spell out words. This game has a lot of potential.

Start easier...

...I got 41 out of 50 to start with and
got canceled although I did pretty well with a challenging concept.

Start with easier level requirements.

The color of the letters doesn't matter.

Original concept.


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3.36 / 5.00

May 6, 2009
11:27 PM EDT
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