24 Days in the Mall

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Survive 24 days in the mall against infinite waves of zombies and other freaks, while shooting then from the roof with your Combat car. Kill zombies, Upgrade your car and get medals! Featuring:
- A nice story background full of fun and suspense!
-24 Different levels, each one with unique missions.
-4 Different modes.
-Medals and challenges.
-6 different weapons each one with dozens of upgrades and stats to play with.
-6 different types of unique zombies each one with different abilities.
-Automatic Saving game feature!


This game is a freakin bugfest!!!

This would be an ok game if it hadn't so many bugs. But at the shoot em up missions it kept freezing at mission starts, and than at the mission where the grave zombie 1st appears I kept getting gameovers (with 0 kills) after I succesfuly completed that mission!
I had to adjust the volume all the time, becouse every time the screen changed it returned to its deafult value. And speaking of volume, there should be 2 bars for adjusting it, 1 for the music and an other to the sfx.
I don't know if it's a bug, but very annoying, that when I have to restart a mission I start with the ammunition I had before the failure instead of the ammo before the 1st attempt, so the more times I fail the less chance I will have next time becouse I will have less and less ammo!
The game has some other flaws too: the car doesn't stop when I relise the button, but it has a small stopping distance. Ok, maybe it's more realistic this way but makes the aiming much harder, and if this game isn't realistic in other aspects, it doesn't have to be realistic here either.
There are those flaming zombies: they are super annoying becouse they make two bullet types (flame and explosive), and the mines useless, since if I use them I make those zombies much stronger.
All in all, this needs a lot more work to became a decent game.

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ok game

its an ok game but it needs someway to show where they are but it has a good concept

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ive had poops better than this game dude, it can use a LOT of work, like for instance, there are alot of glitches. You get two stars for the effort dude.




Great Game..I love defense zombie games!!!!

couple of glitches/ problems i noticed.

1) When activating the saw, Ive noticed that the saw gets stuck sometimes. Being a pain in the bumhole when needing to get across the map.

2) Also when running from one side and hitting the end of the map, being that you can longer go any further to one side, Ive noticed one can get stuck there. And takes a bit, two to three sec. to actually become unstuck.

And some feedback on the game

1) How bout making the boomers, the ones carrying the gas tanks, carry different tanks. ie acid, gas, ect.

2) Also lastly i think being able to change weapons with the mouse scroll wheel would also be somewhat helpful.

Either way, I loved the game and hope to see a second part!
Good job!!!!

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3.32 / 5.00

May 6, 2009
5:12 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Fixed