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-Uploaded a Newer Version, with play/stop button, a screen menu with scene selection.
-Fixed the sound lagging problems.
-Fixed the subtitles mistakes.
-Updates on some pacing and lines.

*Edit* Thanks for the frontpage and all the comments! I really appreciated all the reviews, i'll try to reply them if i could. And yeah, i did managed to get an A for this project. This project is graded on the story, and not for the animation, that is why i went a little slack on it.
ANyway glad you all enjoyed it! No clues over a sequel however. *Edit*

This is an assignment for my school, and it took me around a week plus to complete it.
I kinda rushed it against the deadline, so some of the parts may not be animated that well.
The concept of this story is about the systems and structures in HELL, depicted in a more modernize way.
And it runs around 10mins, so its pretty long and forgive me for not adding a stop and play button. :P

Many thanks to Shard-Spider, Aramek, Darkwolf, Sonicmega and Yoshi-1up for their fantastic voices.
And D-Mac for the castings and the additional voices. Thanks guys!





now have a excuse to say "welcome to hell" thx


that was awesome

To eithmableura12

I actually don't get it to! He saved hundreds of people but I think he killed people instead of saving them. I just don't get it...

P.S The animation and voices are AWESOME!!!

I don't get it!

Why did his record say he saved like a hundred lives as a terrorist? That was never even explained yet, so I was confused. Can you explain all that in a sequel or something?

Also, around 30 seconds into the video, I noticed that the guy was talking to himself WAAAAAYYYY too much. I mean, of course he's thinking all this stuff, but did he really need to state the obvious ("Enter my ID?" when it says "Enter your ID" on the screen)? I like the animation, but the dude needs to shut up once in a while... :P

Anyway, great animating, good storyline, but fix the plothole about the saving lives thing!


Xennethy responds:

Hello, you can always scroll down the reviews. Some reviewers did some explaining of the plot.
Sorry for not answering directly here, just want to avoid spoilers for first time viewers.
Anyway, it's been more than 2 years since I made this, thank you so much for watching!

@ darkslashers56

ilkl take package d lol
this was awesome

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4.40 / 5.00

May 6, 2009
5:12 PM EDT
Comedy - Original