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World of Scribblecraft 2

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This is a short World of Warcraft parody. Fair warning :p

Skipy and Darcia are bored (again) and instead of standing in Ironforge they have discovered the new city of Dalaran. They reflect once again on fun and unfun adventures they have had in the past. Arthas, the Lich King might have plans of his own for them this time around however! Find out what happens in my second installment of World of Scribblecraft 2, Wrath of the Sketch King.
*patch update*
-Fixed and lowered music in the back to prevent ear bleeding.


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reminds me of the time i did bc dungeons with 5 death knights/ no healer

Does that guild still exist?

agh gotta love dks' eh

I miss the good ol' raids back then....now everyone thinks there pointless :(
Animation fits the title, kinda reminds me of Dr. Katz

Nuuuuuuu, Darcia switched/rolled worgen!.....now it doesn't make sense lol
Hmmm maybe Darcia got bit by a worgen, and turned into a worgen! Oh Novas!


Great! Im guessing this was when WOTLK just came out because there used to be 2 million dks on PvP. Now its full of boomkins and paladins -__- Besides the fact, amazing, and GNOME LOCKS FTWWWWW!!


Awesome video, and just wanted to ask in the first movie what happens if someone 'zerg's' you? Havnt played in AGES.