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Ball deaths

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Author Comments

This is just a little animation I did in a day. Feel free to review this animation and tell me what you think.

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Very mediocre

This is one of those things that is equally good and bad. The bad parts was that there was no sound and the animation was in itself pretty crude. The good parts was that a lot of the deaths were pretty creative and I am a fan of these kinds of flashes. I think my favorite part would have to be when the yellow balls just flies around the same place using a thing from "Portal" and then just explodes. I do look for sounds when I see such violence. If you devote more time to appearance, you could get much more views.


That was one sexy animation my good man

Nice one

Now I have to be honest, that is a very creative animation you made. It's like a combination of madness with pacman. Love it, but would be awesome if it had sound.


the others have a point - brutal killing noises, sfx, music etc would make it awesome, but as for content i think its very creative and bloody hilarious

Quite awesome for something you rushed

With music and sound effect this movie could had gotten a very decent score. But you just barely passed the judgement.

Please do make more and at least if you don't plan on putting lots of effort in it, plan some kind of music or sound.

M-Y responds:

I know, I guess I rushed it. But thanks for the review.