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Maze Runner 9000

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Author Comments

This is a game done as my final project for 2D animation.

Hope you enjoy making it as much as I enjoyed battling actionscript to the death to get it to work.

PROTIP: Don't touch the sides...


Pretty Fun

The Game Was Fun And Yea If You Right Click You Can Move The Icon
But Over All Good Game :]

Freeyourmind775 responds:

Yea, I was running out of time. Since so many people are saying that, I'm thinking i'll make a button-layer within the mask and if you right-click and move, it presses the button and pops up a "CHEATER" screen.

Neat Idea!

Try making the walls uniform, and resize the character to always fit.
More powerups?

I liked it a lot!


Freeyourmind775 responds:

Thanks :D

To the programmer...

Do not allow the player to right click and mover the player icon over walls...all the player needs to do was find a flashlight, and than tele around the map.

And make the game longer, too...perhaps some enemies if you'll make another version.

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Freeyourmind775 responds:

I am definatly going to make it so people can't cheat next time. I kinda ran out of time, since it was a project, and I had only about a week to everything, but maze runner 9001 will be a bit less cheaty.

good starter project

this is a good start, next time make it uncheatable, and possibly work on different graphics for the levels? maybe make it different kinds of themes? and more obstacles not just a wall you can run into

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Freeyourmind775 responds:

I shall do that.

Maze Runner 9001 will be much better.

Expect it in a month and a half or so...

Kinda Cool

I thought the music was neat, I just wish that the area for which you could see was just a smidge bigger.

Freeyourmind775 responds:

You can increase the viewing area with a flashlight or Nightvision goggle.

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