Hentai Sim Brothel

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Thanks So Much Newgrounds =)

Plz put in Adult Features Collection =)

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why has there not been a newer version of this game?

trick was to keep ever girl u get from every monthly joker and random buys and raise there ranks
along the way

Fun, but impossible to win.

I'm writing this on day 271. Difficulty: Hard. My Stats: Girls: 39, Money 360,899, Houses: All, Upgrades: All Mission: GET 49 GIRLS BY Day 300!???? Silly.

The markets are empty, and all the special jokers have been traded for girls. And if I count out the amount of Rank Ups I need to the number of days left there is no way to get all girls level 8. Maybe there is a hidden feature? An invisible button of some sorts? Alas, Good luck.

Zelda's my favorite. Ino and Nadia are nice too.

id rate this higher, but ive come across the same glitch twice now and it shouldbe fixed immediately. the glitch happens when you have less than 0 money (i was about to come out of it btw) and the game gives you -infinity $, so you cant buy ANYTHING or raise ANY rank whatsoever

Fun game, well though out and the mechanics make sense.