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Crazy Apple 2

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Author Comments

Second submission to newgrounds and my fifth flash game.
If you find any errors/bugs please mention it in your review.


Update 1.1

- improved jumping engine.
- new swimming code.
- fixed sound effects

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Entertaining game.

A couple of minors issues that take away from the gameplay of an otherwise decent game:

1. Lack of variety - I think there's all of two creature types, the bees and the spiked spiders through the first three levels. I didn't get much further than that because of issue #2.

2. Maneuverability. There's a huge emphasis in this game on floating over things or dying when you fall. The problem in that is there's really not a lot of control in how you move when you're floating, so it's very easy to run into things unless you spend a lot of time honing your control skills. If this were a more involved game rather than an obstacle course, that wouldn't be too bad a thing.

3. As for the things you can or can't attack, the mechanism is odd, but I didn't dock you for it as I'm not sure it's unintentional. I've run into the spiked spiders a few times, not dying from it, but clearly registered in the little noise it makes from hitting things. Not sure that's a bug or intentional.

Quite well

It's obviously up for improvements by improving graphics/sounds/physics. Like for instance a stable ground to walk on and a less floaty kind of jumps. I don't mean the thing where you can flap your leafs to stay aloft, but when you fall, you float gently.

But as far as platformers go, this is a fairly fun one. If you were to become a real artist, maybe it will one day be a really fancy not MS paint like game.

not bad.

hey asqwzx, the guidelines to leaving a review explicitly state, "If you are giving this submission a low score, please offer constructive criticism that will be useful to the artist. The review space is not a place for you to act like a total asshole."

anyway--this was a cute game. not much to it, but it was clever. I enjoyed it. it's a good time waster. good work.