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Zombie NIght

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Author Comments

Jim's weaponry is logs with fire which he throws at the Zombies.
The Zombies in turn attack Jim with fireballs. When these fireballs hit Jim his health gets reduced by a certain percentage. When his health becomes 0 the game ends.
At the end of every wave:
-Jim can buy firewood updates.
-He can also buy updates for lesser percentage health reduction.
Drag the mouse to move the cursor.
Click the mouse to shoot at the Zombies.
There are 16 levels in this game.

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This was fun.

I really liked the floating smiley blobs.

5/5 10/10

it has potential...

but i dont like it. i mean, i cant really talk b/c i dont make games, but this could be better.

Lucy88 responds:

What is the meaning of b/c buddy? I develop games as a hobby. Good you don't make games.
It's an obsessive self-inflicted torture. Nowadays players expect an exceptionally high quality to get their nod/approval.

A nice idea

The game itself was addicting and if it was weapons u used it would be great :)
Don't know if i should call it a glitch but i died at 1 level and still kept all the gold i earned that round.
Othervise with more grapics it would be a nice game

pretty good

in the instruction you should definetly tell people that they need to replinish thier health after each level, if not they will start out with the same health as they had in the previous level seeing as how your health bar looks full after each level. also if you took a little more time on your graphis it would be much better(though this did not affect your rating, i dont think artwork should be a huge part of the score seeing as how not everyone is a grand artist). also you should let the crosshairs go back further so you can shoot the zombies above you....other then that it was pretty good

Lucy88 responds:

The Health bar glitch is now removed. The game is already very easy to play. I thought If such a hint is given there is no challenge left in playing the game.

Heh, an awesome game.

Improve on the graphics, add more of a story line and touch up the upgrade page abit and you'll have yourself a front page game! I think you've got the potential for it, keep up the good work!

Lucy88 responds:

If any graphics artist draws graphics for this game, I shall include him as a co-author.