Drunk Driving Dummy

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Follow the instructions you get while at the bar, go pick up and deliver packages at the specified addresses, get the 5 coins and return to the bar take another beer and make another delivery.

Your goal is to 'pass out' with an alcohol level of 1 and go to the next city. Beware of your two enemies, the police and... you (alcohol have undesirable effects on your body).

You lose a live/warning when you get arrested, you lose them all and it's game over (check the yellow triangle at the top-right). Collect 25 stars and you get one back.

Use the map and the street name indicator (bottom-left) to guide yourself into the town. Watch your body fluids carefully (top-left).

Listen to great music on your car radio.

Useful Keys:

P = Pause the game
M = Toggle map
spacebar = Toggle taskbar
R = Toggle radio
tab = Change radio stations
U = Urinate
X = Toggle car sounds

arrows or WASD = Move car

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not that great sorry!

Needs much improvement

Try putting the controls inside the game and not on a separate website. Putting ads on your games is also bad, I have adblock plus so I skipped it, but it's still pretty annoying. The game would be better in first person with a minimap in my opinion.

needs work. a lot of work

in the future please dont start a game like this with a glade commercial, its obviously a new amateur entry and really not worth the wait (the skip button regardless) second of all it lags quite a bit even on a good computer and the driving is erratic and wierd...just touch up those simple things and youll have a couple stars next time

well that sucked

cant get past the the stupid "Dont do this at home" thing

It looks so cool but..

I can only give a 2 bcuz when it says enter your name it wont let me it says its invalid!! fix it then re-upload it later. Good Luck.

Credits & Info

1.06 / 5.00

May 4, 2009
5:19 PM EDT
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