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Water Wars

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WASD or Arrow Keys to move, mouse to fire.

Shoot oxygen to make water and collect it.
Avoid shooting carbon near other atoms, as it'll send those atoms at high speeds
Avoid shooting nitrogen near water molecules, as it'll absorb them

Survive long enough to fight the end boss...

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Is there any way to actually DEFEAT the boss, which apparently is a uterus made out of balls that say AI (hey, that's not an element! - wait a minute - did it say Al for aluminum? I think they WERE metal colored. I don't know, I don't want to bother to play it again to see it again to find out) on them that shoot chlorine at you? I shot at it and shot at it and shot at it and shot at it for several minutes as it spun around me in various ways, eventually it started shooting chlorine WHILE it was spinning around, and eventually it finally hit me with a chlorine atom and then it was game over. I tried shooting its various parts, it seemed to flash when hit WHILE it was spraying chlorine, so was it taking damage? I don't know.

The behavior of the game is not very well explained in the instructions. I didn't realize for several games that even oxygen atoms were bad and would kill you, I thought it was just nitrogen and carbon. And then also the hydroxyl comes after you. And then what's REALLY annoying is when you start moving around all over the place for no reason without telling it to do that with the arrow keys, with it being nonresponsive to the keyboard for that time and forcing me to smash into atoms like a spastic moron. What good ARE the water molecules? What advantage is there to collecting them other than the counter in the upper right incrementing? It doesn't look like you advance through the "stages" any faster, so you might as well just stay in the center (the same strategy as in the original arcade game asteroids) and just shoot things and not collect the water molecules you produce, just let them disappear.

The game is not fun to play. It seems you were trying to make something that contains chemistry for the sake of making something that contains chemistry but it really doesn't work as a game and ultimately it doesn't really make any sense and it certainly doesn't teach anything about chemistry so there's really no point. You get 2 stars for a valiant effort. Kind of like a certificate of attendance, for all the kiddies who don't win the contest.

Also, it should be ALL with the keyboard, or ALL with the mouse. NOT a combination. You have no idea how many times I screwed it all up clicking outside the window and then making it not responsive to the keys because it then decided that the window with the game in it wasn't the active window and didn't apply my keystrokes as input to the game. That's annoying as f*.

I kind of like the music though. At least the melody. Not the percussion. I hate those percussion sounds.


sweet game but i want more from it.
add power-ups and add more enemies.
fun though by all means.


I'll just say I love the concept of the game. It didn't lag but, it could use some major improvements. You may not want to be like all those other games but, maybe a way to cash the water you collect. Ohh and if you make a sequel make it where you create combustable molecules... say you could add oxygen and hydrogen atoms to carbon atoms. Otherwise great game

Not much need for skill.

Literally all you need to do is hold down the mouse button, and move it around the screen.

To be honest, this game feels like it should be a mini-game that is inside of another gamer. Standalone I don't think that this does too well, maybe if it had some counter parts. Then we'll talk.

Cool but...

Could use improvements. The game lagged alot for me, even on low quality. Pretty much ruined it for me. Try using just solid colors instead of radial fills for the orbs. Unless you did... then... idk....

Cool game though. Boss was cool.