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Grab your sniper rifle because you've just received a mysterious mission statement to take down the next target in Modern Sniper.

fire - left mouse

There are some alternative ways to complete the first 3 missions and on the last mission you have to figure out the sequence to kill without being spotted.

This is the first game release under the Invasion Games label. Stay tuned for future releases with high scores and achievements.


Good game i liked it

You have presented a good game here, its not just a straight shooter but you have to think on it, but you should add more to it though, anyways fun game, more effort in maybe some sorta mini game could be a start in the right direction, good luck regardless

Make more tests and more color used aswell

Fun shooter game


Try better

If you want to make a sniper game then try to make it at least realistic! How does an AK shoot over 5000 feet? There should've been a shop where you can buy snipers, silencers (so the AK dudes don't hear you), aiming drugs (yes from Metal Gear Solid), and some different scopes, also with different caliber bullets! I hope you take my decisions to mind...

pretty okay

well, it was a pretty short game, and the graphics werent that great, alont with the recoil of the guns

but it was entertaining and you got he jest of a sniper game, id say you need a stroyline, and you need to improve it overall ...just the a little more

sound was great overall a decent game :D

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Another sniper game that tries to hard to be Tactical Assassin. Make it look like an accident, ruin him without killing him, then you put people with AK-47s who can shoot back to add a challenge

2 points about that! 1) the BLACK stickmen are hard to see against the BLACK doors now, aren't they, so how you are meant to shoot them? Especially when they kill you in 1 shot and see you the moment you fire
2) MODERN snipers have a range of 4000-5000, how the hell can th AKs compensate and hit you at that range?
The guns recoil was far too powerful (like a bio-technically enhanced mule, let's say) and overall it just tried too hard to be like a Tactical Assassin and failed

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invasiongames responds:

Thanks for the feedback. Don't feel so bad about not being able to figure out the last level. In truth the longest recorded range for a sniper rifle shot was 2430 meters. AK47's can't shoot that far your right but the game never specifies how far away you are. In all actuality you could be just a few hundred meters away. Yes black stickmen are hard to see against dark doors but you did see him didn't you. I'm glad the game was challenging for you and I will take your feedback into consideration with the next sniper game.

was really an eh kind of game

it really didnt wow me, it was the same as all the other sniper games but a lot worse, the shot was inposible on the last leven you needed to shoot and while you scaned shoot again while your gun was jumping and hope you hit the gey and do that 3 times, took me like 20 trys, guns dont bounce that much, and it was very short, try again

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3.13 / 5.00

May 4, 2009
11:38 AM EDT
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