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Mushroom Roulette

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Hello there ! This is a very quick game I've made in an hour or two. It's a remake of a game one of my friends made for his college course years ago, nothing special but I needed a small project because I was bored as hell ;) The fantastic art is by Night-Mare, and all the programming is by me. Feel free to steal the game for your own site >:3

As you'll see it's not a very meaty game, but it's quite fun.. enjoy and please review!

Also thanks to Xbrav for the sound loop :)

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The green mushroom is traped!!!

LOL it's in the top right corner with 3 blocks bloking it D=.
WAAAAHHH right when I was getting really far with lots and lots of luck with not much suicide to get the green mushroom =P. Hey, whats this "new map do??"
Great game, but could be drasticly better if you added a better... I don't know what to say lololol. Anyways. 5/5, 8/10. Yeh

Very good game.

I even got an impossible level! LOL Good game though.

lol nice one but...

it's a nice one but it needs better graphics...
8im giving a 9/10 that means im voting 10
i hope you do better next time!

liam responds:

I liked the graphics :p But thanks.

this could be a fun game

if you
1 kill the repetitive music, i played for about... 2 min and wanted to shoot the computer,
2 fix the controles, there very scetchy
3 make an ending to the levels, like the little strange guy jumps,
4 make it a puzle game, in stead of a random genoerator game, it got old fast
other that that its good, ummm might wanna use somthing other than brightly collored mushrooms btw, gives of a trippy feel

liam responds:

There was a mute button on the right hand side, it was quite obvious :p But yes, I agree the game could be much better if I added some.. purpose to it.

Decent game

Now here is a decent little game, it was hard to understand at first, the game has some good graphics and has a fresh and clean look to it

I thought it was fine

A good game with nice graphics


liam responds:

Lmao, thanks :)

Credits & Info

3.67 / 5.00

May 4, 2009
10:18 AM EDT