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Le Pettite Pur Fromage

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"Le Pettite Pur Fromage" is an experimental feature length animated film. The film is essentially made up of several different parts, all set to a different song from the Ziller album: "The Diary of John Smith". The parts all link up to form a metaphysical narrative, revealed in the interpretation of each of the song lyrics, and each part is done in a different animation style. Part 1, presented here, was done using puppet animation and introduces the character of John Smith. Some of the techniques used in the parts to come are: rotoscoping, sand animation, paint-on-glass animation, cell-by-cell animation and paint-on-film animation.


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I thought a broader view of the scene would be better, and some more perception would be nice, not full 3d ofcourse but giving a little dimension to the background for it to look usable/functionable. and about the cig's smoke, its just over done, its taking up alot of space, maybe it could be simplified. These are just my opinion, no need to listen to me. It's your style, your call.

Great job overall, would like to see more of this. And just ignore those complaining about the spelling. They're just making an arse of themselves.

AdrianZiller responds:

Thanks for your input. I deliberately framed the scene that way to emphaise John's narrow view of life. If you were made uncomfortable by this, then it did it's job. It's supposed to make you want to look for more: it's supposed to make john look for more!
In "Le Pettite Pur Fromage" (Part 2) he does just this. There you will get all the perception you could hope for. Stick around.

well then

gotta admit that cigarette he smokes doesnt get shorter and im not sure how he can hold it with circle hands. but thats what flash is like in the world today and i like it! Found the police bit interesting as well. good job keep it up

AdrianZiller responds:

Awesome! Glad you like it. Interesting that people are picking upon the cigarette and the circle hands as being 'weired' but not on the fact that no-one in the film has a face except for the dog and the bird!
Don't know what that means, but it's interesting.

Not exactly entertaining

I would suggest anyone to watch this if you're somewhat "stressed". I might have found it more interesting if I saw this at night.
But as a conclusion, I'd say it's a fairly good animation which perhaps would fit the Noir genre.

PS: I did not get the title, not by reading it, nor by watching the film.

AdrianZiller responds:

The explanation of the title comes later. Its also, in a small way, in this film: if you notice that the cafe he is eating at is called: "Le Pettite Pur Fromage". That said, it is supposed to be surreal.

Thanks for the review.


I enjoyed the music, it was quite relaxing to watch, the guy seemed not to care about anything eh. poor dog.
Also your response to jascarver...masterpiece of flame. :)

AdrianZiller responds:

That's the whole point. This part of the film introduces the character. He, like many of us, is simply watching the world go by. Its meant to be a rather static piece of film. Its meant to be difficult to concentrate: that's what life is like.
Thanks for picking up on it and enjoying the music.
As for jascarver... enough said.

learn to spell french

''Le petit fromage pur.''
I didn't even want to watch that shit

AdrianZiller responds:

I am from South Africa, and that spelling and word order is a cultural joke down here. I am well aware of the correct spelling and grammar and expected French people to be offended. You guys are after all quite defensive when it comes to your language. Sorry. (he he) The context of the title will be revealed in later parts of the film.

If you don't want to watch the film, don't, but it seems strange that you'd take the time to 'review' a film you wouldn't want to watch. Perhaps you should apply your grammar correctness elsewhere in future. Somewhere where they appreciate your obviously impressive command of languages. Shit.