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Burp 5 Points

Complete the first chapter.

Airhead 10 Points

Complete the second chapter.

Architect 10 Points

Complete a level made in the map editor.

Rocket Sauce 10 Points

Complete the third chapter.

Gishy 25 Points

Complete the fourth chapter.

Conclusion 50 Points

Complete the final chapter.

Perfectionist 100 Points

Complete the bonus chapter.

Author Comments

WARNING: Spewer is very physics heavy and may run slow at times on your computers. If the game is running slow simply pause the game (Esc or P) and set the detail to low and/or turn off the background rendering. If your playing on a low end PC please download the standalone version, there is a link to it on the title screen.

EDIT: Arrow Keys have been added as alt movment keys for the left handed and or people with "crazy" keyboards.



You're born into this world a guinea pig before god. Unsure of his motives you progress through life solving his puzzles searching for meaning in the rudimentary problems of everyday life.

To make sense of life we must evolve past our previous forms, purge from our bodies the rules set in place by our previous selves in order to see the future with new eyes....

In other words Spewer is a game about puking.


Spewer is a puzzle platformer that uses liquid physics though regurgitation as its core mechanic. Taking the role of a mysterious test subject, code named Spewer, you must vomit your way through over 60 levels of stomach turning puzzles, learning new abilities, changing forms and piecing together your purpose in life.

Controls are in game.


Good game

I havent completed the game cause im still stuck on one of the levels of Chapter 3 but this game happens to be very good. i give this 10/10 5/5 for the excellent effort you guys did.

Disgustingly awesome

very nice game. good job!

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this game is just plain genious....


Love it nothin more to describe it but 10 * and 5R

My map: Wreck-Creation =

eNqNVduK3DAM/SGvsSzJF+axH9G3QCn7UAotL P1/eqTYiTPMDJNkd5xjXY9khQK9eWe9fx5heN IqQfPnWB7vV1O0/Fw90DOPtCg/cfBc4bUbast zie2Jq2xP8vsuk0expKEwVJ9p5PsS5NfSD0v0 UucxD/m9LK4UkCvRkWFaG+Flz7zbgXT7/vX58 /fHt6/PH/9+/f1zS7hFA1e9EdcgHFpIUTducN N7LBqqA5I01sDNId2hzDHpjk1IOZLeiTVgV0g TxebQgZQW5SrEJEE7nFLyd2opcE9mP+9A7bFZ 7BzzgXWNagFQlIllqbHuQfUDytHTzpEnxGRmu LnwwBBnD1wE0Q6E2H1CSiaUNXZApVjsAyvZ2C o03lnVeYFMPkTII63NSJxie0aI9HCITNI1eBZ oAhG4GEhitwXzfITQm9PeLLhpK+8u02krN6sE kCNpprbTpWc+gigRvxQPL1CGhfOqgiLnaB1jR QwIo6bzko5tywik8K4OQhd1at4RILR6VSCAPj gFSs8QcJ5AWoEAWkqWAJQ3zeThFksnkF48KBo MttnUqzvgthookjdB56D+gmYyAULnrRnWTcm2 REYOcgmhEEJgL1u1lglkXXnuiwj2aXhwAZBJS 4gdJKAMELDymAtFaRYatZRN1Y4J2OFJU1tp2i 1YjOahohsWkjoilI4qYZtsmyIv5nP2BHqoCqJ AFeJftgu01dvHOMQ+0ijLPtuhUu8itkMro8kh 5YgOBKfaMjBkQmBsdKXMkVH99KRzGHRf2zFK5 1yxUnePaUfQX/sM6ROpVnSTqRPJe3PbHJlzxk kfJ3RAPobsaPL0L8twGP7FbMtiW4sfVRA4bWO qdT+WEzDS3XCdVowaTvWMuQ0rFM9JaHll755h ho0gDFs5cjeiead1yGQ/rKmclKl9xziH7m83s TazcYqRgv/2HQE/aED/+NjIx7dlrMEHZisEhI 8VMPGFvZrcR7ZpGEzRlGhnAxLEx6rMVd3tqGm 5BTeq1gqwiuOSpwBtt21DaHbwN1zYCyVUWyb8 9e0/u+3ssw==

Fuck yeah!

All achievements. Oh yes!

Man, what an addictive game. It's so inventive and fun (though there were stages where i could have out my fist through the screen). The main bothers where the level "Dive" (where there's a line of white puke that you have to break and catch yourself on) and then how Spewer bounces when he lands. This is a pain when you're trying to weave over small dots of acid.

Great game

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Credits & Info

4.43 / 5.00

May 4, 2009
12:45 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Puzzle