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Burp 5 Points

Complete the first chapter.

Airhead 10 Points

Complete the second chapter.

Architect 10 Points

Complete a level made in the map editor.

Rocket Sauce 10 Points

Complete the third chapter.

Gishy 25 Points

Complete the fourth chapter.

Conclusion 50 Points

Complete the final chapter.

Perfectionist 100 Points

Complete the bonus chapter.

Author Comments

WARNING: Spewer is very physics heavy and may run slow at times on your computers. If the game is running slow simply pause the game (Esc or P) and set the detail to low and/or turn off the background rendering. If your playing on a low end PC please download the standalone version, there is a link to it on the title screen.

EDIT: Arrow Keys have been added as alt movment keys for the left handed and or people with "crazy" keyboards.



You're born into this world a guinea pig before god. Unsure of his motives you progress through life solving his puzzles searching for meaning in the rudimentary problems of everyday life.

To make sense of life we must evolve past our previous forms, purge from our bodies the rules set in place by our previous selves in order to see the future with new eyes....

In other words Spewer is a game about puking.


Spewer is a puzzle platformer that uses liquid physics though regurgitation as its core mechanic. Taking the role of a mysterious test subject, code named Spewer, you must vomit your way through over 60 levels of stomach turning puzzles, learning new abilities, changing forms and piecing together your purpose in life.

Controls are in game.

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Used to play this at the school computer labs. The soundtrack always brings back great memories!

The game is awesome i hope what launch spewer 2 only because this is a master piece and i love it.


I might try eatting my own puke now!

This was indie gaming before it became a mainstream phenomenon. Now I don't expect browser games, especially ones that are made in flash, to be comparable to the quality and potential of today's inexpensive indie market, but Spewer was one of those titles which had the potential to blur the boundaries between both of those communities... it really is that good.

It might be simplistic, but it nearly accomplishes what it's designed around in terms of gameplay. There are two fatal flaws within its formula however; the unpredictability of its physics, and the environment design. This is a deadly concoction that's very noticeable in some of the story mode levels, such as "Cloud Swimming" or "Dive," where gravity alone can determine your failure or success. Spewer does contain legitimate real challenges to overcome, but when the game turns into a wrestle against the elements which you don't have any direct control over, it can become really aggravating.

On the bright side, the remainder of the presentation is fantastic. The art style is gorgeous, and I enjoy how despite the lack of a narrative, there is an actual story being told throughout as you play; you just don't notice it until the very end. The sound design is also top notch, and the music is very catchy. I do wish there was more tunes which played during the actual game; because while the original tunes assist with selling the appropriate tone to the player, I just wish there was more variety in this sense. Maybe a different song for each chapter could have been sufficient at bare minimum.

Although its levels aren't very massive in size, I think the game could have at least used a quick save or checkpoint system. At least something that you could restart from during those very complicated levels, or perhaps having a 1UP item you could use in the same areas you acquired them in could be a compromise too. Just an idea to prevent players from having to repeat the same parts of a level they can pass with ease, and stay within the segments where they need the most practice in.

All in all, Spewer is prime example of strong and confident creativity as its peak. As a result, I can undoubtedly recommend this game to everyone, just proceed with a patient mindset.