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Tobacco Man

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Comedy - Original

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May 3, 2009 | 11:41 PM EDT

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Author Comments

This is my first animated project I've written and directed. I wrote the script years ago and have been chipping away a small bit at a time over the years. I'm mainly an After-Effects artist, so Rodrigo Huerta (Bambee) and John Hill both rocked the house and animated the piece in Flash, which I later edited.

Here's the back story:

Years ago, I created a character named "Cancer Man" in order to offend my college roommate. It was flagrantly shocking and crude, but silly at the same time. His theme song was originally the "Spiderman" theme replaced with "Cancer Man." "Cancer man. cancer man. has cancer like no other man." I later refined this character and wrote a script to tell the story of Tobacco Man, a cigarette-shaped superhero standing up for the wrong things. This short is the beginning of that story.

Though not a flash artist myself, I love the 2d flash look. I found myself working with friends and colleagues who were interested in the story and could help me see this through. My buddies Adrian Sairin and David Tuber (Moral Orel) helped me with creating the look of the characters and David did the storyboards. Matt Iseman (Clean House), David, and I recorded the voices one night at a recording studio. I also worked with musician John Ikuma and we had two Hustle & Flow sessions creating music based around our imaginations and temporary audio. That was my first ever session in composing music, which was an exciting learning experience and I think turned out well.

Now, i want to share Tobacco Man with the Newgrounds community out of my love for the site and respect for the artists who submit here. I hope you guys enjoy the absurd story of Tobacco Man.




Rated 4 / 5 stars

pretty good

decent graphics, passable jokes, pretty good all around except for the voice qality. I wasnt able to understand the little girl at all. you should see about getin a better mic.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


I like the flash, it was a little funny but i don't like the way you portray smokers, I am 16 and it is legal to smoke in italy at 16. I dont think of myself as a terrible person because i smoke and you make smokers look only like lazy fat ugly people. I do very well in all my classes and i have a good social life. I do not think cigarettes changed me really. When i need to chill down i will smoke a cigarette i dont think that is so bad. Im sorry if i am not makeing much sense. :)

WeirdOwl responds:

You're making sense. And I think the piece isn't necessarily making fun of smokers as much as it is the arguments. The point of view of this short is of Tobacco Man and how he sees the world, mocked in a Colbert-esque way, not my personal view of who people are. He sees people in terms of "hippies" and "post-pregnancy smoke junkies." Here's my view:

People aren't bad because they smoke, but they're doing something that's not healthy. It's a choice. I personally believe that people shouldn't add onto their lives in terms of their bodies, but subtract what isn't necessary in their lives to live more freely. Smoking is one of those habits that doesn't really add anything other than an addictive manufactured high and a load of health problems. Using any substance to control the body's natural responses changes the body's ability to function as it naturally should. Humans used to get 10 hours of sleep each night before the invention of the light bulb. Now we're awake more, and there are people who believe they need coffee to wake up and a drink to go to sleep. It's just dependency upon substances to work against what your body is asking of you. Smoking doesn't make you fat lazy and ugly, and you're not the devil or a monster because you smoke, but you make a choice to function against the way that your body naturally asks of you. There's no universal right or wrong to that, but it's a choice you make. And there's more to a person than just the polarizing smoker/non smoker. We're so much more than consumers of petty products no matter what we consume.

That's more of the point of view I'd like to explore with the series. People tend to get defensive when you challenge their beliefs and support things they agree with, honor and vilify. They'll be willing to discredit your good arguments and support your bad ones based on your stance, regardless of the rational line of thinking. I once watched two girls talk about voting for George Bush because "Kerry's like, such a flip flopper." That's just supporting your own beliefs based on a half-hearted catch phrase and not the depth of the arguments. And the way people do both with a topic like smoking is not only fascinating, but humorous on both ends of the argument.

Long answer. I guess I'm in a typing mood today.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

i wish there was a weed man

it would be awesome if tobaccoman had a partener called weed man
awesome vid tho

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


Love it.

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Lets hear from a smoker this was funny and awesome cancer ... well everyone gets cancer nowadays so whatever im just gunna get it faster. but yea this was very funny and you should make it into a series that would be awesome