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Tobacco Man

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Author Comments

This is my first animated project I've written and directed. I wrote the script years ago and have been chipping away a small bit at a time over the years. I'm mainly an After-Effects artist, so Rodrigo Huerta (Bambee) and John Hill both rocked the house and animated the piece in Flash, which I later edited.

Here's the back story:

Years ago, I created a character named "Cancer Man" in order to offend my college roommate. It was flagrantly shocking and crude, but silly at the same time. His theme song was originally the "Spiderman" theme replaced with "Cancer Man." "Cancer man. cancer man. has cancer like no other man." I later refined this character and wrote a script to tell the story of Tobacco Man, a cigarette-shaped superhero standing up for the wrong things. This short is the beginning of that story.

Though not a flash artist myself, I love the 2d flash look. I found myself working with friends and colleagues who were interested in the story and could help me see this through. My buddies Adrian Sairin and David Tuber (Moral Orel) helped me with creating the look of the characters and David did the storyboards. Matt Iseman (Clean House), David, and I recorded the voices one night at a recording studio. I also worked with musician John Ikuma and we had two Hustle & Flow sessions creating music based around our imaginations and temporary audio. That was my first ever session in composing music, which was an exciting learning experience and I think turned out well.

Now, i want to share Tobacco Man with the Newgrounds community out of my love for the site and respect for the artists who submit here. I hope you guys enjoy the absurd story of Tobacco Man.




And yes little girl, he did just fart in your face

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Pretty good.

Definitely a pretty good movie with a nice level of humour for the most part. Plenty of the jokes may have been predictable and cheesy, but most of them still worked. The base of the idea wasn't particularly original, but I don't recall having seen a cigarette as a bad superhero before.

It was a shame about the low quality of the video, which was particularly noticeable during camera movement. Was this due to you editing it in a program other than Flash? If so it seems a shame, since you surely could have at least used the trial version of Flash to edit it.

Some of the lines were difficult to understand due to the voices being put on being far too strong. I'd suggest subtitles or making sure that all the lines could easily be understood. The sound volume of the audio in the end credits was at a much higher volume than the rest of the flash and once the credits stopped rolling you were left with an extremely dark still from one of the scenes with black lines over it. It would have been nice if it had gone back to the preloader screen with the play button instead.

I didn't fully understand the jokes regarding the colleges. I could work out the point of the joke, but of the colleges mentioned I had only heard of Harvard. Obviously this flash was aimed more at American viewers than overseas ones. Tobacco Man's coughing fit went on for far too long, which made it become a pain to watch. You could have made this much shorter, still got the point across and would have ended up being much funnier in the process. I also felt that the scene with Cindy went on for too long, with it taking up the bulk of the movie. It would have been nice to have seen this time spent elsewhere on a wider variety of jokes.

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finaly a superhero that has earned my respect.
After a long day of giving people cancer by second hand smoke he justify's it .
freaking awesome


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Yup, that's original ! That was funny. Good work !

Who didnt love that?


That was pretty funy, make beerman and weedmn next.

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Credits & Info

4.13 / 5.00

May 3, 2009
11:41 PM EDT
Comedy - Original