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Tobacco Man

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This is my first animated project I've written and directed. I wrote the script years ago and have been chipping away a small bit at a time over the years. I'm mainly an After-Effects artist, so Rodrigo Huerta (Bambee) and John Hill both rocked the house and animated the piece in Flash, which I later edited.

Here's the back story:

Years ago, I created a character named "Cancer Man" in order to offend my college roommate. It was flagrantly shocking and crude, but silly at the same time. His theme song was originally the "Spiderman" theme replaced with "Cancer Man." "Cancer man. cancer man. has cancer like no other man." I later refined this character and wrote a script to tell the story of Tobacco Man, a cigarette-shaped superhero standing up for the wrong things. This short is the beginning of that story.

Though not a flash artist myself, I love the 2d flash look. I found myself working with friends and colleagues who were interested in the story and could help me see this through. My buddies Adrian Sairin and David Tuber (Moral Orel) helped me with creating the look of the characters and David did the storyboards. Matt Iseman (Clean House), David, and I recorded the voices one night at a recording studio. I also worked with musician John Ikuma and we had two Hustle & Flow sessions creating music based around our imaginations and temporary audio. That was my first ever session in composing music, which was an exciting learning experience and I think turned out well.

Now, i want to share Tobacco Man with the Newgrounds community out of my love for the site and respect for the artists who submit here. I hope you guys enjoy the absurd story of Tobacco Man.



now i take too cigaretts :D

haha now thats is a super hero :DDD

Pretty good!

"And remember what I always say." "You have to be 18 to buy 'em, but not to smoke 'em." "Ah, they grow up so fast!" "....................................
...........Did he just fart in my face!?"
Funny. Nuf said. Still not gunna smoke, though. Saves me money! ;P And I can be tortured by life a bit longer. Lol.

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You've inspired me to take up smoking! Naw.. I was already smoking hahaha, Great animation though, loved the old school theme to it! Keep up the good work!


all of el-cid's animation looks like the old cartoons. Like ren and stimpy and the grinch that stole christmas

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That was nuts, I loved it. :)

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4.13 / 5.00

May 3, 2009
11:41 PM EDT
Comedy - Original