Magnetic Defense

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This is a defend your base game where you control a ship with a giant magnet attached to it. Fly over junk to pick it up and click to drop it. When your magnet is big enough you can pick up enemies and throw them around.

If you click and hold while carrying some junk you will absorb the junk into your ship and upgrade it. Upgraded ships have larger magnets and look bigger and cooler. To use up a whole bunch of junk on the ground click and hold while flying along the ground like you were some crazy vacuum cleaner.

To upgrade and repair your base just drop bits of junk onto it.

Look out for powerups that drop in by parachute!

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great game

here is a tip put a strike beacon behind your base and it will go towards upgrade points

Great Game

I liked it overall but i would add a couple things to the game; number 1 I would have controls work with the arrow keys and number2 i would make the plane be able to shoot
thanks for making it

I Love It

This game is awesome. I enjoyed playing it.


As long as you have three vehicles left the blocks will keep appearing. So keep picking up your last threee vehicles and moving them away from the base. And put strike beacons on your base to boost its HP. Can get to the last level like this. But then all hell breaks loose and I at least didn't stand a chance! Then you have to start all over again to give the last level another go!

Good Idea, bad design

I love the idea of the game, it is really good. But the controls are so sesitive. Also, I keep trying to pick up the tank, but instead it picks up those crappy little things that pop out of it,, I think those should be done away with, as they get rid of the ability to pick up ther things...

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4.32 / 5.00

May 3, 2009
7:14 PM EDT
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