Stop the Brains V2

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Hey all, I've taken some of the advice and applied it to the game, there is now music, a mute button for the music, improved back ground graphics, and is now a bit easier, feel free to leave any more advice though! Thanks for playing!

EDIT: Upon...popular demand... I have now made it so that the ship can move diagonal, and across the entire screen! (No more getting stuck just above the mute button)



ummmmmmmmmmmmmm make it better..............

Same old, same old

The graphics look rushed and quickly done you need to put more time and effort into it, so far all I can see is trash that could've been done in Microsoft Word or MS Paint.

It was boring with little objective and had terrible controls. I want to play something more than this, it had no levels or anything to work for your game. Also my main beef with the game were the controls and how you could only go left, right, up and down, most shooters I play let you go diagonal and it's a really important yet expected aspect you need.

The song was good but it didn't fit the game very well I suggest looking at a wider variety of songs to find a more suited one.

This game was boring and bland, try add more originality to the game with more things to do, see and hear.

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Meh, ok

The drawings were alright, it flowed nicely, but a big problem I had with it is you can only move up/down or forward/back. You need to enable multiple inputs so we can go diagonally, like forward and down at the same time.

Other than that it's ok, maybe bosses in the future.

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the gameplay is odd

first the ship can't go all the way dow to the screen. second the shoots fired are sooo slow. and third the brains kinda freeze at the top of the screen and re appear somewhere else

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2.60 / 5.00

May 3, 2009
7:00 PM EDT
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