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Yoda's Christmas Part 3

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Author's Note: This cartoon was not made in Flash, but instead in the worst animation program ever invented by mankind.

As a result, I apologize for any crappiness in the quality and the fact that it had to be split into three pieces (and also that it's not Christmas :P). It turned out alright, regardless.

Anyway, enjoy. I'll have decent actual Flash stuff out soon.


Part 1: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/493859
Part 2: http://www.newgrounds.com /portal/view/493860

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great job!

so what shitty program did you use?

WhiteLightning responds:

I refuse to tell, for fear of unleashing it's vengeance upon you.

dont toch my hat

I loved the whole thing , I think it would be cool if you reworked it with flash, liked how anikins eyes burned when he saw yaddles picture

WhiteLightning responds:

I've considered that before, and I might...reliving that experience (animating it) still sounds terrible though :)

brillliant(3 l= :D)

i dont know why WL1said his this was cr*p.

WhiteLightning responds:

Technical quality is crap, the essence of the video I still enjoy.

Da funniest1 yet

Anotha hilarious 1. This was da funny as hell

A great ending to a fantastic Star Wars trilogy.

This was another great part of this series,i got a big laugh when Yoda went off about all the lame Christmas gifts he got and when he showed a picture of his woman which was quite disturbing,as for the stormtroopers they had a lot of funny moments as well and overall though the quality in both animation & sound we're bad throughout the series i still enjoyed the series very much with all it's creativeness in jokes and the character designs we're fantastic,great job and i hope you make more flash in the future. =)

WhiteLightning responds:

Thank you very much! I'm glad you enjoyed watching after the ten months I put into the stupid thing. I now actually have flash and will have a decent mic soon, and so my only two real problems will be fixed. If I keep getting reviews like this, I'll consider possibly doing a remake using Flash.