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Down the Well

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This took quite a long time to make. I hope you enjoy it. Use the arrow keys to move and space to interact with objects. Wait until the cross-eyed enemy removes its spikes from its head before you jump on it.

If you don't like the black and white theme, then there's various different versions of the game in the bonus section, including one version in full vector graphics. I suggest that you at least play the proper game before you look at the bonus stuff.

Special thanks to FatalExceptionID, PixlCrushr, cornandbeans and MorosisCoG for your great music.

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In the Newgrounds Player, the black background does not scroll.


I highly enjoy this style of gameplay. Stuff like NES/GB are always good to me. Great game, and great extras.


This is the perfect retro style game. It is both its simplicity and its flaws that make it complete, however, it could be a better game.
I'll admit that the story was weak. I didn't care much for the dog Scrappy but I was really interested in the world you were creating.
Why are the citizens blind?
Why was the dog captured?
Who's the bad guy?
These are just some questions that I'd love to see answered.
Graphically the zen, white-black, retro style is heavenly.
The music and sound effects are perfect and really create the right mood. I even enjoyed the periods of silence, especially in the last few levels, it also set a mood and allowed total concentration.
Challenge was well set. It get's difficult, I'm glad for the unlimited continues, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
Personally I give it 10/10. Ultimately, I'm sure you know the aprropriate rating it deserves, it's pretty much 7-8/10.

I was having fun...

I was having until I got stuck under the platform on the second ship.

I am not restarting. I dont care what happens!