Chalket Dodger

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Try out all the game modes, each have seperate strategies to live.
Done. The first game I've made that I'm proud of. I give a lot of credit to the music artists who made such awesome music. I'd make custom tracks, but I have no talent :P.

Move & jump with arrows
Dodge rockets
Turrets & platforms randomly change positions after a set amount of time.

Chalk. Rocket. Chalket! Get it?


amazing game

i love the fact that when i tried sitting behind a block as a shield the game moved and another turret appeared. that way you cant cheat. And i loved the fact that you could just run and run and run with no time limit or anything. This is a very good game. :)

VicBiss responds:

Thank you! it's been like a year n a half since I made it, but yeah, It's one of my favorites too :)


yo flash is wicked
sadly, there are glitches like it starts the game and puts you in a different spot then you were standing before the counter (3 - 2 - 1) ended and just kills you without being hit.

though pretty good

VicBiss responds:

Thanks dude, I could fix some bugs, but I don't like editing my published work.


The chalk theme is a cool idea, the counting sequence is especially flashly. "Easy" is a better mode to start in than "Slow" because I found slow to be ridiculously spammed with chalkets.

Also, I found a small bug. The highscore for "lava" doesn't really work, instead it just copies whatever the highscore for "Twins" is.

VicBiss responds:

Oh woops, I forgot to rename the variable, shit. Also, you just made my day when you called them chalkets. lol, thanks.


this is pretty intense good job

VicBiss responds:

Thanks man, the score is getting lower and lower though :{


At first I was like, eh, but then it began to get a bit better. The onlu problem is the limited room you're given. But other than that, perty gud!

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VicBiss responds:

Yeah, to me it's a game where practice makes perfect and you gain skill as you play more.

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3.72 / 5.00

May 2, 2009
7:58 PM EDT
Skill - Avoid