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Aborted 25 Points

Kill the boss without dying.

Supasperm 25 Points

Beat the first level.

Impotent 100 Points

Complete the first level without firing a shot.

Preggerz 100 Points

Beat the game.

Author Comments

Guide Tom's sperm through the various hazards of April's portal and help conceive little Pico Fulp!


Movement: Arrows
Shoot: A

Q: quality level


Now featuring placenta-flavored medalz!

Special thanks to Tom & April :3


Based on a true story, perhaps?

I'm guessing this was a shot for shot remake of how Tom Jr was conceived, haha. If not, I still thought this game was highly amusing. The animation and controls were smooth, and the concept for the game was utterly hilarious. The boss after the first level is incredibly difficult, I'm gonna have to work harder to get the Aborted medal. Overall, it was a fun game. Keep up the great work!

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FetusFulp responds:

it's a true documentary.

i'd like to know what makes the boss so difficult - it's hard since i'm biased, as i've played it way too much already. i could understand the crumbles being a little hard to dodge, but you just have to look for the cues and know where to go and when:

1) stay just in front of his mouth, at his chin's level, where you can still get him with 4 bullets.
2) when his eyes go red, move up.
3) when he starts to pound the ground, move left
4) when he barfs, move down slightly from your spot.

the same principles apply when he goes into intense mode.

thanks, and good luck (:


I was on the verge of accusing this game of being too difficult, with probably 6 or 7 attempts ending at the boss. But as there is no more beyond that (thank goodness!) it is pretty much spot on! Takes a few goes, but you get there in the end!

Gameplay is smooth, enemies are initially overwhelming, but actually quite manageable, the pace it comes at you is fast and furious, but needs to be to make sure you don't blast through it in one go. Certainly the challenge keeps you coming back until you've won!

And medals as well, though the scew of points seems a little odd- perhaps 100 points for beating the boss with no lives lost and 25 for passing the first level without shooting (as that is easy with so many lives).

I guess you could accuse it of being too short, but with so many of the medal games taking an age to finish it was actually refreshing to have one that is a quick, fun blast and actually replayable without wanting to kill something...

All in all a great effort, a good little time waster, and a worthy tribute to mini fulp and parents.

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FetusFulp responds:

i'm surprised that people are willing to replay this so much. is it the frustration of not beating it that makes you go back? or the allure of more punishment? a need for closure?

there are a lot of mixed responses regarding the smoothness of this. sometimes i get "it's so laggy" and sometimes it just runs fine. i don't know if it's the user's browser or their computer, or if it's the game itself. i guess it's in this paragraph that you reveal why you kept coming back to try and beat the boss - the challenge. interesting.

there was a lot of difficulty balancing in-between coming up with medals and their point values and the release. the boss used to be a lot harder, but after complaints from our beta testers, we had to drop it down quite a few notches. we tried to keep it at least a little challenging, but it's hard to tell exactly how challenging it is after making it and testing it so much. i can run through the game and beat it without dying once, but i certainly don't represent the majority of people, especially on their first try. also, the first level used to last longer, and you used to get swarmed with more enemies. it's still fairly challenging, because the fish and spores are hard to dodge, and throwing in the shots from the black tampons and the terrain really complicates things. sometimes you just get lucky.

this game was initially supposed to be a mini-game, and though it grew and grew in complexity, we still kept it short. it was actually going to be longer, with multiple levels and multiple bosses.

thanks for your thoughtful review.

No Nirvana?

I'm ashamed of you, Fetus, for not using the Nirvana song. Good game, but it was pretty easy overall. The ABORTED medal is a bitch...

FetusFulp responds:

i'm 38 days old, how can you expect me to appreciate Nirvana?

Great Game!

Everything was great!
Great shoot em' up walker!
Great difficulty adjust!
This game was so awesome that I bothered to get all the medals!
Please make a sequal when Tom make moar babiez? Ok?

FetusFulp responds:

i think the amount of awesome in your review exceeds the amount of awesome in ZingKing's review.


Not only was the game awesome, but the fact that an account was made to have this game made makes it that much more awesome!

FetusFulp responds:

that's a lot of awesome.

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3.86 / 5.00

May 2, 2009
5:28 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight