Anime Girl & dog DressUp

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A dress up game I was commisionned to do a while ago, but now the exclusivity period is by far over.

My client actually wanted to do a celebrity here, but I told him I was bad at caricaturing people. In the end he just said that I should first draw a classic anime character and then we would modify it.
It worked fine, until he decided the good option would be to photoshop a photo over this drawing, and it... well, didn't work out very well, to remain polite.
If you lurked a lot on the internet, you might have see this version I personally really hate but that my client decided to go with =p

Anyway here is the original version before the infamous photoshopping, that just works better altogether. nothing too special : its a dressup, but I took an unusual approach by going matrix rather than vector.
Crime against Flash? Maybe. But it also allows better quality and it seems some like it better that way.

I kinda wondered what you people in the world's biggest "flash arena" thought about it.


much kawaii!!


the flash is good but there is one thing really missing in this game: whats the point? i mean some dressups are good for a freestyle on stuff but what is the point? Its ok but it really needs a purpose!

I sympathize

I hate clients that think "they know best". Being a graphic designer, or any other artistic field, is more than just creating art...it's also knowing what folks will most likely go for. Some clients just don't have a clue. It's like idiots that go to the hair dresser, tell the hair dresser EXACTLY how to cut their hair, then complain when they get a bad hair cut. The clients that are the best, and get the best result, are the ones that realize you're the specialist who needs to control this aspect of the process, not them.

The only client that is worse than the "dictator client", is the dictator client that then wants to back out of paying you if the end result isn't to their liking. Tight wads.

But I digress. The dress-up here is pretty good. The characters & outfits are polished and nice. The snapping is good. Dressing up the dog seemed a bit outlandish, but then again I'm a guy. Overall, very nice. Two thumbs up.

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It was okay... nothing really new. I like the approach you did and the art is good too. But as said earlier, there is not much variation in the way you can piece together outfits. Maybe a, dare I say it, nude option would be good. Might as well, since you already have options for underwear... But yeah, more clothing options is a definite must.

not too good

it could be made good though, all you need to do is add more clothes, and maybe accessories because theres barely anything to do. apart from that great graphics, and i like it how the clothes pop into place unlike most dressup games.

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2.71 / 5.00

May 2, 2009
11:35 AM EDT
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