Billy And The Shootgun

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Hope you enjoy the game as i enjoy doing it for you!


It's spelt as Shotgun NOT Shootgun.

really fun and totally addicting

awesome stuff, except after hearing that music i crave Italian sooo bad.

Ahhhhhhhh, nostalgia.

I remember long and boring pre-gameboy car trips where I'd have to read or draw, and this totally brings back memories of little pencil-paper drawing games I'd play to kill the time. Great stuff when you've the imagination for it.

Two issues:

1. Gunshot Evasion - It seems like unless you react instantly (hard to do when you're fighting) to the sound of a fired gun, you take a hit. That's not as much of a problem in kiddie mode, but... yeah. You end up taking lots of damage from a gunshot that acts almost like a visible real-time bullet.

2. Off-screen attacks. This is more of an extension of #1, but it has some issues of its own. Particularly when you have some little shootpunk taking shots at you from the edge of the screen: you advance on him, he backs up, and you can't see him. It's not a lot of fun fighting something you can't see.

Fun game, and if you do a future variation, I recommend adding a larger variety of enemies to fight. It gets a bit tedious after awhile.

Off-screen attacks

I like the concept

I've actually been working on a game similar to this with doodles on paper.

pretty good

It is pretty good and basic game. I like the old style of it espically the plot lol butt it can get annoying the way you move and get hit but other than that its cool

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3.35 / 5.00

May 2, 2009
11:34 AM EDT
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