George dres up

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dres up little cute zombie George from George Diary webcomic : http://georgediary.smackj eeves.com/comics/


Heh Heh...

add music and george will be even better!

Outie responds:

THX ^^ ill ad music in next realese ^^

well it gave what it promised.. i guess

well, a music track or background choice is always fun... I didnt see any. ummm, the animation was decent and everything but again, it may have well been 13+ because there was no real nudity in it and no real violence. even just throwing in a good song can raise the rating half a point or so. Well nice job, thanks for contributing to newgrounds with something that's not spam, and keep animating.

Outie responds:

THX ^^ i'll take it as point next time

Fair enough

I usually don't like these games for they are old, simple and get you bored real fast. Try coming up with something more original or with more options. I am willing to rate these games 10 but only if they have more options and perhaps some background music. Perhaps more backgrounds or characters, every little option you add makes the game better. I am mild with rating today so I give you 5/10 2/5

Outie responds:

welll yeah youre right ^^ theres no any options because of one simple reazon... i know only one action sript for now xD thats firs realese... in next version im gonna add backgrounds, animations an more clothes in bigger game size..... and maby some music if i make something cool by my own... dont know how to for now >_>

but thx for comment ^^

lol, nice

but why "mild nudity"?
you didnt show anything....... un-natural.
and "mild violence"?

but yea, good game
keep it up

Outie responds:

*but why "mild nudity"?
you didnt show anything....... un-natural.

hmmm perfect question, im not realy sure xD but yeah see what he have betwen his legs... its definitly un-natural

*and "mild violence"?

axe in his head :P...

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2.22 / 5.00

May 2, 2009
5:52 AM EDT
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