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Day In The Park

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EDIT 5/12: Added lots of new stuff including a custom pre-loader, custom play button, revamped logo, vCam panning, and improved sound!

A short, experimental flash.

Inspired by Explosms "Cyanide and Happiness."

This is my second flash, so please give constructive criticism!

I mainly focused on:

-motion tweening
-free transforming
-sound effects
-sound manipulation
-action script 2.0




omg it got luagh out of me, so ill give it a 3

not bad

not bad but the sound and animation were a little bit crappy i give you 7/10

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i find this very funny haha, good humour :D




Although the humor and animation quality are at a 4th grade level, the sound quality is good, and it got a few laughs out of me.

nal1200 responds:

nyuk nyuk nyuk!

My humor generally revolves around poop and cooties.


You are improving very well. The humor may be fifth grade, but it is smile-able if not laughable. Definitely work on your art. Add some shading so it doesn't look so basic. (Please take no offense of this, I'm just trying to help) It is very good to see that you are exploring. Keep exploring Flash, and look around at some tutorials.
The roughness (I believe you drew with the line tool set to that rough setting) is very interesting and new. It gives it a Blues Clues look. I'm no toddler but it is a pretty good way of animating, simple and yet effective. The sound effects where well synced with the animation, and the animation had a twist which is always good.

Keep practicing, you have a future in animation (I sound like an ad...).

PS:Voted 5, very good for you (meaning your new to it).

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nal1200 responds:

Thanks for the criticism! (And I mean that!)

I've already begun working on shading, panning, and some other more complex things, so hopefully my next flash will (once again) be a large step forward!

Thanks for the help!

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3.56 / 5.00

May 1, 2009
9:13 PM EDT
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