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Swine Flu : Hamdemic!

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Just a little bit of fun at the hysteria caused by 'Swine Flu' ... coded this up yesterday just to take a break from Swords & Sandals IV. Here's our someone contrived premise:

"Join the first line of defence against the deadly Swine Flu plague that is about to decimate the world. We've got to get these pigs as far away from Mexico as we can - grab a pig and start throwing!"

Click/drag to throw mouse, click again to fire bullets into poor piggy.

** Been reading a lot of the reviews here, a lot of accusations of racism are being banded around - my answer is this : When you want to convey a scene in a cartoon style game, you often use stereotypes and cliched characers. Had this game been set in France, the main character would have a beret and a croissant / Germany would have a guy in a lederhausen. No worse than you're going to get in an average episode of "South Park". This is not meant to reflect reality.

As I pointed out in a reply to a review earlier - I think Mexico sounds like a vibrant, brilliant place steeped in culture and with fantastic music , a laid back attitude and great cuisine. Fact is, if you're going to do a game set in Mexico, of course you're going to have stereotypes of cactuses and sombreros - otherwise it's a generic desert, it might as well be in the Gobi Desert.

The ultimate aim of the game was to point out the media frenzy surrounding the virus and how people get caught up in the hystera without really knowing the facts.. Anyway, if you're offended, apologies but lighten up and relax - the world is full of light and shade. - Oliver **

Cheers to the Newgrounds Crew for making Frontpage, as always , much obliged...

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My little piggy went "Boom"

Good game, but I wish you had upgrades, like more guns, more explosions, you know what I mean.

haha mad funny

i love how they are throwing the pigs to america diesel and the comment below about the teacher ur response was funny too


as far as game play goes, it sucks!

but I give you 10 because people are riding your ass about it, and fuck them!

who gives a shit about Swine Flu!! so it killed people! maybe if "some people" would quit fucking PIGS we wouldnt have this problem!!!


i like it but u realy kind of copyed toss the turtle but its still awsome but 1 point down

hechaos responds:

Ever heard of Yeti Sports? This genre is nearly a decade old my friend. The good people at Toss the Turtle would tell you the same. They made a great game by the way. Everything is derivative.