Sky Sling

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This is the sequel to Sling Sling. Sling shot balls at all the targets to pass each level. This sequel includes new features, like terrain, shooters, high scores, and more.
Hope you enjoy!
-Kyle and James



Pretty good gameplay, but it got repetitive and boring fast.
Graphics are really good and clean, and I liked the physics.
Music was okay to me, but it should include more songs and variety.
I hated how the whole game only had 50 balls, despite the powerup, because it limited us to play and finish the game. I also hated that you had to start all over. A solution would be to include a limited amount of balls EACH level and level selects, because this discourages me from playing the game again.
I would feel better playing this without that annoying green circle, and to make the ball shoot from different places in the sling :)
Make more variety to this, make different settings and more powerups as well.

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Its good, but

There is a game just like it. And its needs more balls. (lol)


I like the music.

cool, but.....

I liked the concept, it was...........Interesting. But you need to make a fue modifications first, it is really hard to tell where the ball is going to land or go, so maby add a feature that tells you where the direction of the ball is going to go, like a line of some sort. Two, the turain was really hard to get by, it took me 10 balls to get to the orb at the top, so make the turain a little less harder. Three, the consept of shoot ing a ball with a string is cool but is it really a slingshot? there is no possible way that it could compare to a slingshot with that accuracy.

Hope you take my advice to use, thatks.

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interesting game

but gets annoying after a few levels...

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2.76 / 5.00

May 1, 2009
7:16 PM EDT
Skill - Toss