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Alright, just finished up another game, Varas. It's pretty tight. You control a turret and you blast away enemies to complete the game. At the end, you can submit your score!

Mouse is used to fire and aim
WASD/Arrows keys are used to move the turret

Feel free to recommend to the "Shooters" collection!



Nothing really special here.

The gameplay is pretty self explanatory considering how easy it is since all you have to do is move around while shooting wildly in several directions killing all the enemies in your path.

However once more enemies show on the screen their explosion bits pretty much obscure the whole screen, making it almost impossible NOT to run into an enemy considering they can also spawn on you.

But it's not like I got mad at the game just "Well, this could be tweaked a bit." which it possibly could be.

Pretty decent game though.

my eyes my beautiful eyes!

you pounded my cornea's into submission!

Giving you an 8

Really awesome idea! Love the game place its pretty fun! The combos take a bit to get used to to pull off but its really a good game. However, I found one little glitch or bug there are times when you get too close to a wall then you cant get away from the wall for several seconds you are stuck moving along the wall.

Nothing +1

I gotta say i was pretty sceptic at first but the gameplay seemed prett OK, this was nothing more than a farce, after about 5 minutes of playing i started sayin to myself "There is something amiss with the programming over here." i was right.

8 out of 10 time one or more of the control keys seemed to be stuck, shooting indefinate was kinda cool but going into the lower right corner wasn't. FIX THIS.

2. Respawning location.
I hate it when i respawn into the enemy and die, especially when it rappens 4 times in a row. FUCK THIS.

on the flipside it looked smooth, canon animation was good and uuuuuuh......

yeah sorry dude i gotta admit it sucked pretty bad.
actually why the fuck am i spending the time to tipe this. fuck this.

Ok, but not new

This is an ok attempt at a cool game, but the concept has been drasticly overused.
This makes the third or fourth Geometry Wars clone on Newgrounds. It really isn't original, and can even be considered stolen because of the similarity between this and GW.

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Credits & Info

3.79 / 5.00

May 1, 2009
6:51 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional