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Sorry for late. <3


Great game, very confusing glitch

Great, fun game, but I found something strange. I died at the Internet Explorer, but he was still throwing </>'s and I didn't get a game over, so I tried right clicking and pressing play, then I went to the game over screen. Internet was still there throwing the things! It showed me back to the menu, and I started again, and he was still there, but I killed him afterwards. Whoa.

molkman responds:

So you're really awesome for killing him anyways. Sorry for the awful glitch though.

So Cute!

Totally love playing this! Just beating up all those wacky thingamajigs and new enemies is so fun to kill. All the characters are so funny to look at with those faces and weapons they begin to have. Music is also entertaining to listen while fighting. But where dose it end?! (Sigh) Oh. Well... Only if Nene had a knife that'll be fun too!

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I like it!

music isnt so bad, its kinda nice~
makes me laugh

You were on crack when you designed some of this.

Really good game. It was nice having infinite ammo. The levels were a bit long though. In the last level, when I got to the guy throwing </> things, he managed to kill me. But instead of going to the game over screen, the ghosts just sat there for a while while he kept throwing. I pressed some buttons, and Darnell attacked! As a ghost! It happened when I pressed A and S simultaneously. I actually managed to kill the guy doing that. Unfortunately, the ghosts just went on sitting there forever after that. Or flying, whatever. I started over, then realized I didn't feel like redoing it all, so I clicked play and went to the credits, pretending that the </> guy was the last guy and that I won. So I win.

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so cute

they are so cute and it's funny when nene uses the shiels dhe always doing the say cheese thing hahahaha xD

but it really needs some medals so many people would play this game :D

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3.90 / 5.00

May 1, 2009
5:39 PM EDT
Action - Other